What will I learn in medical assisting classes/school?

Medical assisting school will essentially equip you with everything you need to be a qualified mmedical assisting classes-shutterstock_14138854edical assistant. This means that you’ll be taught about the administration of medicine, the use of catheters, giving shots and taking blood samples, you’ll be taught how to talk to patients and deal with the administrative and clinical duties that come with the job.

In essence: medical assistants are a HUGE help to the doctors and other medical personnel. You’ll also be taught a number of emergency procedures including first aid techniques and so on. Medical assistants also serve as a link between various medical professionals and patients, often relaying information between the two while preparing patients for X-rays and surgery and so on.

In short, a medical assistant is tasked with basic medical procedures and communications between medical professionals and the patients. Becoming a medical assistant can also serve as a foundation for an advanced medical education later on down the line.

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