Can I take online classes and take classes on campus?

Absolutely! Although we often refer to “online programs,” many are not 100% online. These are more accuratelycan i take online classes and take classes on campus-ss-11033293 referred to as “hybrid programs.” Hybrid programs typically offer a combination of hybrid classes, only-online classes, and traditional classes.

Hybrid degree programs combine the benefits of face-to-face learning and distance learning. For example, students get enhanced networking abilities by meeting their instructors and peers in person — but they also enjoy the convenience of downloading lectures as MP3s and listening to them anywhere.

Concrete examples of hybrid learning include the following:

1. The instructor delivers a face-to-face lecture. For the next week or two, students independently complete assignments related to that lecture. These assignments are submitted online and are posted for discussion in an online forum. Students can log on and comment at any time to meet their participation requirement.

2. A professor posts a PowerPoint lecture with audio commentary for students to review before class. In class, students apply what they learned from the PowerPoint to complete small group activities.

Hybrid classes are also a refreshing alternative for students in primarily traditional programs. More and more universities are offering these convenient class formats to help students juggle work, school, and family. The online component also benefits the universities: it frees up physical space and reduces the building costs associated with a regular college class.

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