How long does paralegal school take?

long-does-paralegal-school-take - ts-89681664The length of the entire educational process at paralegal schools varies from school to school. Most programs are between six months and two years. But there are even a few four year paralegal programs where you can earn a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies.

Paralegal training to become a legal assistant in an attorney’s office involves a challenging course of study. The duration of the program concentrates on many different courses to adequately train you to become a highly qualified paralegal.

You’ll study general law and business law, along with tax law and real estate law. Probate law will also be studied in some paralegal schools. You’ll also take general business courses in finance and perhaps accounting. The course of study will also include the study of criminal law and torts, and other kinds of civil law and procedures.

After graduation, most legal assistants work in lawyer’s offices, but some can work in the academic sector for universities, while others gain employment in the public sector of the state and federal government.

Often, the training program also consists of an internship in an attorney’s office for a set period of time, usually three to nine months. This is done only after specific coursework has been completed either at an on campus paralegal school or at an online paralegal training program.

Online programs take about the same amount of time as traditional college programs. They are preferred, however, by many working adults who find it easier to fit in the time of attending school, since no commuting time or travel expenses are involved.

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