Do psychology programs offer financial aid or student loans?

Psychology schools make financial aid and student loans available to their students through federal student aid and through additional funding opportunities offered by individual programs or outside lenders.  psychology-programs-offer-financial-aid-or-student-loans ss_1555925

Federal Aid and Loans

Students who plan to attend psychology programs at accredited schools can fill out the free application for federal student aid, or FAFSA. The application will be reviewed and the student will be informed if they qualify for Pell Grants and subsidized or unsubsidized federal loans. Pell Grants are monetary awards that do not require repayment. Federal student loans offer low federal interest rates and the possibility of post-graduation loan deferments based on need or reductions for public service.

The FAFSA will also determine if students are eligible to participate in college work-study programs to earn money through work on campus.

Program Scholarships, Awards and Internships

Some psychology programs offer scholarship, awards and internships independently of federal student aid. Students should inquire at their program office to discover if scholarship applications are available. They should also discover if there are awards offered for psychology fellowships or internships available in the department or for class credit.

Private Student Loans

Many banks and credit unions offer student loans for qualified applicants. However, these loans are subject to the terms of the lending institution and do not offer as many benefits as federal loans.

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