How do I choose which psychology school to attend?

Finding the psychology school that is the right fit can be a combination of reputation, funding availability, curriculum, program focus, accreditation, program size and length, opportunity for research and work experience, quality of faulty, diversity, and student support. which-psychology-school-to-attend ts_87834874

While there is much to consider when making a decision, a few factors are likely to be pivotal in your decision. First, psychology schools can have different focuses, which may be clinical, experimental, forensic, or industrial/organizational. Some programs may offer concentrations or certifications in school counseling, substance abuse, or community counseling. Second, the availability of work and research opportunities can be important because of the experience and financial support provided. Consider the full range of financial options available, specifically those that also provide opportunities for experience, such as fellowships, assistant-ships, work-study, and work in psychology. Finally, consider the various forms of support available for students and students’ success after the program. Does the psychology school offer academic advising, faculty advising, career counseling, placement assistance, tutoring services, and other support services? Have graduates of the program located work in their field, gone on to further education, or gained certifications or licenses common in the field?

Choosing a psychology school is ultimately about fit: whether the program seems to be a place that you will gain the education and experience that will be best for you personally and professionally.

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