What should I look for in a psychology school?

A psychology degree is one of the most exciting and popular choices for a college major, as well as a career, but it can be a challenging task to choose one of the best psychology schools to attend. Here are some tips to know what to look for: what-should-i-look-for-in-a-psychology-school ts_78375611

• You’ll want a curriculum that matches your interests. Take a look at courses offered in all psychology school and see how they match up with what you want out of your education. If you’d like to be a psychiatrist, look for clinical psych courses, for example.

• Check out the employment rate of the graduating class. Statistics should be available through the psychology colleges. You can talk to alums as well, and ask them how easily they were able to find employment or get into graduate school after attending a given college.

• Research the professors. Some websites show evaluations of courses and professors; you want to learn plenty, but also enjoy your time at school. If you find a professor that has similar research interests to yours, you may want to consider volunteering time to work for him or her as well.

• If you are planning on working in a laboratory while attending school, look into which labs are available and what they study. It doesn’t hurt to look up funding statistics as well to see how well the labs are supported.

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