What is ecotourism?

One type of ecotourism is look-but-don’t-touch. Unique places on the earth like the Galapagos Islands off the western coast of South America have strictly limited tourism. Most tourists must agree not to touch any of the rare animals found there and not to pick up and what-is-ecotourism ts_87754713remove any rocks or plants. Most of the ecotourism degrees include a good training in biology and tourism in tourism school. Even with the understandable protective restrictions, it would be a magnificent experience to travel to this area and see things that exist no where else on earth.

Another form of ecotourism is look-and-touch. Communities often invite tourists to visit for the purpose of receiving physical assistance from the tourists in the form of road building or housing construction. Under the expert directions of a tour guide who has undoubtedly graduated from a tourism school, tourists are able to become part of a community. They learn about the culture of the people, their music, art, architecture, history and family traditions. Many tourists express upon leaving one of these tours that they feel they gained more than the community they helped.

During both of these types of ecotourism, the one person who makes the trip possible, safe and enjoyable is the tour guide. They are experienced and knowledgeable because of the training they have received from a tourism school. With so many Baby Boomers retiring, there will undoubtedly be an increased demand for well-trained tour guides. Imagine that your life is one long party. After all, if your job is to assist others who are enjoying their vacation, isn’t it a little bit like being on vacation yourself? For many people, this would be the job they would do even if they didn’t get paid.

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