Where can I work with a degree in tourism?

A tourism school will develop a student’s comprehension of the practices and ideas associated with the travel industry. A holder of a tourism degree might be eligible to work in career fields to include a travel coordinator, a lodging manager, a travel agent and additional degree-in-tourism ss_22683190travel related careers.

When attending tourism school, the course work usually encompass subjects to include business ethics, international customs law, logistics, air transportation, human resources and accounting. There are some programs that offer internships through well established companies in the hospitality or tourism industries in order to establish real world experience before graduation. The following is a brief description of the career fields open to those who have tourism degrees:

Lodging Manager – These groups of professionals’ main focus is to manage the operations of a spa, resort, hotel, or related organization. A lodging manager’s role may be centered on a specialized area in running an establishment such as housekeeping management, event catering, hotel management, or convention services. Some responsibilities of a lodging manager may include advertising in order to bring in guests, maintaining a certain level of staff, operational plans. In 2010, lodging managers earned an average salary of $54,570 annually. Individuals who have employment in catering and high end resort for business travelers may be able to earn higher wages.

Travel Agent-These professionals come to the aid of travelers and assist businesses in booking and selecting their vacation packages, airline tickets, travel destinations, hotel reservations, and car rentals. Their job can include recommending hotels, resorts or destinations, helping travelers customize itineraries, and selling packages. The industry is constantly changing and travel agents are now able to adventure into niche markets to include European tours and retiree travel. Travel agents earned an average pay of $ 33,950 with job projection expected to grow in all occupations through the year 2016.

Travel Coordinator-These professionals work for organizations and companies in order to make travel arrangements for businesses. Travel coordinators register individuals for conferences, reserve hotel rooms, purchase tickets, and may even be required to provide overseas documents for travel such as entry visas and passports. They make sure travel needs are reached within the travel budget limits and may also be responsible for comparing the prices of airline tickets and additional costs associated with travel, all for the purpose of getting the best deals.

Information gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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