Are there vet tech scholarships available?

Yes, there are scholarships available for those who want to pursue an education as a vet tech. Like most other programs, there are a variety of financial aid options available for vet tech school, as well as a variety of scholarships that are designated for that specific area of study. The kind of scholarship, as well as the source of scholarship, a student can receive varies greatly, and is mostly dependent on the student concerned.

Students who attend vet tech programs located within community colleges or universities may be eligible for overall scholarships that are open to all students at that institution. Those scholarships may include aid programs for academic achievement or family income. Also available are scholarships associated with high school involvement in student organizations, or volunteer work. These scholarships are open to all students, and are therefore extremely competitive.

Students who choose to pursue a vet tech education also have the option of competing for scholarships open only to vet tech students. Some of these scholarships come from inside the vet tech program that the student attends, while others can come from an outside organization looking to advance the vet tech field. Scholarships offered by vet tech program institutions are like overall scholarships, and are awarded based on academic achievement and need. However, scholarships that come from an outside organization may have different requirements for applying students.

The American Kennel Club, along with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in American and Bayer Pharmaceuticals, offers one of the most recognizable and well-established scholarship funds specifically for vet tech students. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, a student must be a full time student at a certified vet tech school, and must be a member of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians of America. Twenty-five of these scholarships are awarded to students all over the country every year.

Vet tech students also have a unique scholarship opportunity associated with their specialization. Vet tech students, unlike some other career oriented students, have the option to choose a specialty. Many of those specialties have associated scholarships offered by outside organizations for the advancement of those specific specialty areas. All vet tech programs should have information about those scholarships available for students.

The most important thing in obtaining a scholarship for vet tech programs is for the students to be active in looking for opportunities. There are many scholarships, both vet tech associated and not, available for students who are looking.

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