What is the difference between a vet tech and a veterinarian?

vet tech and dog - ts-78035084People who want to work with animals but are not interested in becoming veterinarians may wish to attend a vet tech school.

One difference between a vet tech and a veterinarian is the duties that each performs. A vet tech is an assistant to a veterinarian. A vet tech’s duties include assisting a veterinarian during surgeries, performing tests, doing dental work, doing lab work and keeping patient records.

Another difference between a vet tech and a veterinarian is the education required. Vet techs do not need to complete as much school as veterinarians. It is possible to enter the vet tech field with an Associate’s Degree. Some vet tech programs have online courses. Other vet tech programs allow students to enroll part time. Students in vet tech programs are trained in handling animal patients, radiology, pharmacology, anesthesia, sterilization and office procedures. They are usually required to work with veterinarians during their training. Veterinarians must complete a Bachelor’s Degree and then study for at least four years at a veterinary college.

Anyone interested in working with animals who has completed a program in veterinarian technology at a vet tech school or a vet tech college will be well prepared for a career as a vet tech.

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