What is the job market like for Registered Veterinary Technicians?

job-market-like-for-Registered-Veterinary-Technicians ts_78035084According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities for vet technicians are expected to increase by more than 36 percent through 2012. Regardless of the economy, there seems to be a steady increase in positions available in this career area. Emerging technologies in the field of veterinary medicine are improving pet health creating a greater need for trained veterinary technicians who have completed vet tech training at a vet technician school.

Veterinary technicians do clinical work under the direction of the veterinarian. Vet technicians run tests and help diagnose injuries and illnesses in animals. Some of the procedures veterinary technicians are involved with include taking blood, preparing tissue samples, and doing laboratory tests such as urinalysis and blood counts. Some procedures might involve completing x-rays, taking medical histories and caring for the animals that are under the care of the veterinarian.

Some vet technicians work at clinics and are involved with the treatment of both small companion pets and large non-domestic animals. There are also vet tech positions available at research sites. In positions at research centers, the vet tech assists with giving medications to animals, and the recording and documentation of pain and stress levels of the research animals.

Those who want to be employed in the veterinary technician career area are usually trained by completing a vet tech program at a veterinary technician school. There are many different training programs available at a vet technician school. Some of the training programs are degree programs and some are diploma programs. Vet training programs include courses in laboratory procedures, anatomy, medical terminology and the training involves hands-on training in lab processes such as urinalysis, preparing slides, taking blood counts and tissue samples, and sterilization of instruments.

Graduates of a veterinary tech school can take exams such as the National Veterinary Technician or NVT exam, to become a registered veterinary technician. Most employers like to hire technicians who have completed a vet training program at a vet tech school and are registered veterinary technicians.

If you love animals and are looking for an exciting, rewarding career, there is a bright future ahead in the veterinary technician field. With the growing demand for skilled vet technicians, there will continue to be many positions available in this area. You can prepare to succeed and take control of your future by completing a vet tech training program at a veterinary technician school.

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