Will I be a licensed vet tech upon graduation from vet tech school?

Graduation-from-vet-school ts_86495329A person who graduates from a vet tech school does not automatically become a veterinary technician. This may seem counter intuitive to most people, but passing the class is not a graduation requirement for most schools. The colleges and universities that offer this program give a person enough knowledge to be able to pass the state license test on their own, provided they study and work hard.

Many colleges do include the cost of the state test in the cost of their tuition, but the test usually takes place after graduation. During the last semester, generally while people are going through their internships, the schools will schedule classes to help the students prepare.

A person can complete most Vet tech programs within a period of 18 to 24 months. After the student completes the program, they will have an Associate’s Degree. They can continue their education as a pre-veterinary student to become a full doctor or go take the state license test to become a veterinary technician.

When choosing a school, it is important to find out what the school provides, what it expects the student to do, and if the final state test is included as part of the tuition cost. Including the test as part of a vet tech’s tuition will not make the college cheaper, but it does give a person a guaranteed place where they can take the final exams. At least a school that does provide this gives the student one less thing to worry about after graduation.

There is no guarantee that a person who completes a vet tech program will pass the test. The schools can only prepare a student with the information and skills they need to take and pass the final licensing test.

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