Tips to Consider When Applying for Scholarships

December 13th, 2006 by admin

Your last year of high school is already half over. If you were considering applying for college scholarships and had not done so yet, now is the time to take action. But don’t apply without reading these tips from an article by Rebecca Vara on

“If winning a college scholarship was as easy as learning your ABCs, this article would be meaningless. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Instead, students have to submit their best stuff to be in contention for an award.

Every high school student in America is looking for the ultimate answer to winning a college scholarship, but we all know it’s no simple task. With as many as thousands of applications per competition, you need to do everything you can to make your application flawless. Using the advice of these scholarship judges is a good start in keeping your application out of the trash.

Top 5 Common Mistakes

1. Sending in your application after the deadline.

Believe it or not, some students feel that being a of couple days late is no big deal. But on the contrary, to Bobbie Shahpazian, associate director of scholarships at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, a big deal it is! “Timely applications are of the utmost importance for any financial aid or scholarship review process. You must always be aware of deadline dates, and be certain that they are met.”

2. Forgeting too runn spellcheckk.

Spelling errors can make or break your application, too. Even minor mistakes can automatically put yours in the junk pile. All computers come equipped with spell-checker, so use it! An extra five minutes can eliminate these errors. “If you don’t take the time to spell-check your application, the judges won’t take the time to read it,” explains Laura DiFiore, founder of Fresch!, a free scholarship search and information Web site.

3. Not meeting the essential requirements.

If the minimum GPA is 3.0, do not even apply if yours is anything less. Take it from College of Wooster’s Director of Admissions Carol Wheatley: “Poor grades and factors indicating a lack of academic readiness would almost certainly eliminate a student.” Don’t even waste your time if you can’t put up the numbers, and hopefully you will be able to save yourself some disappointment.

4. Scoring an A+ in Chicken Scratch 101.

If you have handwriting to be ashamed of, use a computer to type out your application. But make sure you use fonts and type sizes that are easy to read; sloppiness may translate into ‘not worth the judge’s time and effort.’ “People say this is common sense and everyone knows appearances matter. My response. If everyone knew they needed to be neat on their applications, then why do so many look like they were written in a fast-food kitchen?,” explains DiFiore. Keep things neat and always fill out applications away from the dinner table.

5. Forgetfulness.

Did you include all necessary paperwork in the envelope? Even though this may seem elementary, but believe it or not it happens. Submit an incomplete application, or forget to include all materials and you can kiss your scholarship good-bye. To better your chances, make sure everything is accounted for before you seal the deal.”

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