How much is college tuition at the priciest schools?

October 27th, 2005 by Key Magazine

CNN Money recently reported on the tuition costs at the ten most expensive colleges and universities in the nation. The most expensive schools list includes both private and public schools located across the country.

Although some of the schools boast a hefty tuition cost, many place limits on the amount of financial aid in loans that students can borrow. Rather than force students in loan debt to pay for the high costs of a college education, they increase the amount of grants that students can qualify for. This can come in handy for your high school students who are concerned about paying for a college education.

Share this list with the high school students on your guidance counselor case load. It is useful information that can help students make better choices about the school options they have, and how to pay for them!

Landmark $37,738
George Washington U. $36,400
U of Richmond $34,850
Sarah Lawrence $34,042

Kenyon $33,930
Vassar $33,800
Trinity $33,630
Bennington $33,570
Simon’s Rock College of Bard $33,364
Hamilton (NY) $33,350

*Figures represent tuition and required fees for first-time, full-time undergrads.
Source: Chronicle of Higher Education

Read the complete article for state school tuition costs!

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