Graphic Designers’ Average Salaries

May 10th, 2011 by Clifford


Median annual wages for graphic designers were $42,400 in May 2008 and can make around $95,000 if they are partners or owners of a firm. However, some particularly noted graphic designers do make significantly more money.

How much money a graphic designer makes depends on a variety of factors. First, your geographic location, and the location of your clients, may have an impact on how much money you are offered for graphic design assignments. Next, the kind of assignments you are accepting and the kind you are proficient in will also have a significant bearing on your salary. Finally, your experience and reputation can also have a great impact on your earnings.

Working as an Freelance Graphic Designer

Also working as an independent graphic designer or a person who works within a graphic design organization can have a great impact on one’s working life. Working as an independent graphic designer allows one to deal directly with the decision-makers at client organizations without going through middlemen who might distort client requirements and otherwise impede communication between a designer and his or her clients. Direct access to clients may also help to build a graphic designer’s reputation and thus have a positive impact on what he or she is paid for assignments.

Also presenting potential graphic designs to a client is very important. While some graphic designers present a variety of designs to a client and ask him or her to choose. The designer should also explain the process behind their design, why it was designed, and why it is the best option. A good client will be open to this kind of communication, and a client who communicates freely will only help graphic designers do their best work. If your best work is in graphic design go to and select graphic design in the by degree section.


All wage and salary statistics gathered from the U.S Dept. of Labor/Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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