What is Graphic Design?

May 11th, 2011 by Dustin
Become a part of history, enroll in a graphic design career college.

Graphic Design in the beginning

The history of graphic design stretches back all 18,500 years ago with the appearance of the first known cave-paintings. In the subsequent generations since its inception, graphic design has grown to influence everything that we do in business as well as our personal lives. This has led to a high demand for graphic designers who need a solid graphic design degree program at a graphic design career college.

A Step Forward in Design

The advent of linguistics and the use of text to express ideas to others was a significant step forward from the original and primitive cave paintings. The marriage of text and imagery has allowed for the design of not only logos and corporate brands, but also the design of everything that we use in day to day life. Over time, graphic design has come to be the source for almost every major advancement in the developed world. Even current events and brands have begun to hearken back to those older and more primitive designs as a way of expressing reverence for those that have come before them. Any graphic design degree program or more complete graphic design career college can provide copious amounts of information on the growth of this interesting field. To start your process go to USCollegeSearch.org and head to their graphic design by degree section.


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