Graphic Designer Tool Kit: The Right Computer

May 11th, 2011 by Clifford

With the arrival of desktop publishing and graphic art software applications, like Adobe Creative Suites, there is a new generation of designers who have been trained to use a computer in order to manipulate images and designs. Computer graphic design has enabled designers to instantly see the effects of layout or typographic changes immediately. Designers also benefit from computers when it comes to simulating the effects of traditional media without requiring a lot of time and resources. However, traditional tools such as pencils or markers are still used for finalization of large projects. Also, a designer or art director may hand sketch numerous concepts as part of their creative process.

Computers Are Graphic Designer’s Best Friend

Computers are considered an indispensable tool in the graphic design industry. Computers and software applications are generally seen by creative professionals as more effective production tools than traditional methods. Every day it seems the days of drawing boards, Letraset dry transfer lettering and Rotring pens are getting further away from the graphic designers everyday arsenal of tools.

Graphic designers are not IT experts and buying a computer for graphic design work can often be a confusing and expensive exercise. Of course, if we all had an unlimited budget, then the shopping process would be easy. It would simply be a case of buying the most expensive Mac or Windows computer, load it up with the newest Adobe Creative Suite and some 3D applications, plug in a set of 24” monitors and we are ready to go.

Where A Designer Should Start

But few designers can afford to do that. For most creative professionals, budgeting for new equipment is a question of balancing dollars against the pros and cons of each upgrade. There are exhaustive buyers guide to specific hardware and software, but computer specifications change daily, so a designer’s requirements are always changing.

We recommend concentrating on the basic principles that graphic designers use and build from there. After that, we recommend doing a lot of research and price comparison. We also recommend asking lots of questions of other designers and in places like the graphic design forums. If you are starting your process in becoming a graphic designer or want to know more about this degree, go to and find graphic design.

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