What Your Graphic Web Design Says About You…

May 11th, 2011 by Dustin
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Your web design should be both informative and aesthetically pleasing – however details how color, font type, and font size can also be looked at to see what it says about you. At a graphic design career college, the ideal situations in which to use various fonts would be covered in greater depth; a good introduction is provided here. For example, Comic Sans is fun, though informal; Arial is neutral, and potentially boring. The frequency of use of various fonts and sizes is detailed, which would be useful to one interested in pursuing a graphic design degree program.

Graphic Design Considerations

An important consideration when designing a web site is choosing a color palette, and this image lists both the attributes of various colors and the reactions that people often have to these hues. A graphic design degree program will expand upon this type of information, and gives one a knowledge base to make the correct decisions in the context of the specific work being created. For instance, red can elicit passion, whereas brown projects an image of earthy reliability.

It is important to remember that while none of the colors are intrinsically better than the others, some may be better for the particular task at hand than others are. This information about typeface and color can help one create a variety of design projects, including websites – an important part of the skill set cultivated through graphic design career college. To start finding out more about what your design says about you, go to USCollegeSearch.org and pick graphic design in their by degree section.

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