High school safety at ten year highs

November 21st, 2005 by Key Magazine

How safe is your high school? As a guidance counselor, you have no doubt had to deal with the normal fights and arguments between students. Some schools contend with a lot more due to gang activity, drug use and sale, domestic violence and sexual assault being prevalent on campus. How does your school measure up? Is violence at your school a growing problem, or is it following a national trend of decline?

“One in 20 students was a victim of violence or theft at school in 2003, the government said in a report that shows school crime rates about were half what they were 10 years earlier.”

CNN reports on the study findings. Check them over and discover how violence in your school stacks up to high schools everywhere. The study reports that in 2003, there were about 738,700 violent crimes involving students at school and about 846,400 away from school property. For the most serious nonfatal violent crimes — rape, assault and robbery — the crime rates were at least 50 percent lower in school than away from school every year from 1992 to 2003.

Get the full story and then tell us how your school is doing their part to counter the school violence.

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