Weekly Education News Wrap-Up: Nov. 14

November 14th, 2011 by rebeccac

news-headlines-ts71086696We’re introducing a new series on US College Search. Beginning today and continuing every Monday, we will post our top 5 education-related news and headlines from the past week, filtering out the junk so you can access the most informative and most helpful stories that affect you. Enjoy and happy Monday!

Strayer Buys Management School Started by Former GE Executive Jack Welch
Washington Post
Strayer Education, parent company of Strayer University, is buying out the Jack Welch Management Institute from current host Chancellor University for the reported price of about $7 million. The institute was founded in 2009 to offer online executive MBA and certificate programs and includes weekly lectures by Welch himself. The deal is expected to close by the end of this year, and Strayer plans to start offering the programs in their winter term.

Candidates Seek to Limit Federal Role in Education
The Associated Press
Republican presidential candidates continue to speak out on their positions about the role of federal government in education, and while the extent of their comments differs, they do all seem to agree that the federal powers should butt out and leave education to the states. The claims range from Herman Cain declaring that they should get out of the business of offering student loans to Ron Paul and Rick Perry wanting to abolish the Department of Education altogether.

New Student Loan Plan: Who Qualifies and How to Enroll

Some relief was felt by many in-debt graduates after President Obama announced his plan to alleviate student loan debts, but there was also confusion as to who qualifies for what. Many graduates – especially the middle-class – may not qualify for these loan relief plans. FOXBusiness breaks down who’s eligible, how to apply and things that all students need to know.

What Hedge Funds Can Teach College Students
Wall Street Journal
Hedge fund manager Daniel Ades, whose investments give him a unique perspective on the student loan situation, offers some advice for those looking at college. These days, he calls law school a “sucker’s bet” and claims technical colleges, with their low cost relative to wage outcomes, might be the best bet. “We’re in a skills-based economy and what we need is more computer programmers, more [nurses],” he said. “It’s less glamorous but it’s what we need.”

A Sensible Solution to Student Loan Debt
LA Times
Op-ed writer Richard Lee Colvin praises President Obama’s student loan reforms but claims that they don’t go far enough. Colvin votes for simplifying the loan repayment process and making them directly income-contingent, even linking them to borrowers’ Social Security numbers and having payments be withdrawn automatically from paychecks like taxes.

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