Heath Care Jobs Rising As Boomers Retire

March 9th, 2011 by JenniZ

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Hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other health care centers are going to have an increased need for people with medical assisting training in the near future, as baby boomers begin to retire. Starting next year, the first boomers will turn 65 and be ready to bid farewell to the working world. However, over two-thirds of people over 65 see at least 7 doctors and have at least one chronic illness. Diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure affect many boomers, and the incidence rates of these are only expected to increase as baby boomers get older. Health care is going to be one of the few fields certain to grow in these uncertain times, so a medical assisting career is an excellent way to ensure employment in a lucrative and rewarding workplace.

While aging can coincide with health problems, new medications and procedures have meant that many formerly incapacitating conditions are now manageable with the right help. Twenty percent of patients over the age of 65 currently have over 40 doctor’s visits each year, meaning that graduates of a medical assistant school will have greater roles to play in scheduling and patient relations, since doctors tend to only average about 19 minutes with patients for each hour-long appointment.

The recently-passed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act states that these new seniors will receive complete Medicare coverage, including preventative visits. Baby boomers are more likely to see doctors for conditions than older generations, according to the statistics. One Center for Disease Control study noted that in 1992, only 42 percent of patients were over the age of 45, whereas by 2001, this number had risen to over 53 percent. This means that doctors are going to be seeing many more patients than in the past, and they will be looking to the people with medical assisting training to help them handle the abundance of new patients. Additionally, 16 percent of doctor’s visits are currently for preventative care, and since new legislation provides for Medicare coverage of these appointments, this number will increase as well.

A medical assisting career is a great way to become involved in the growing world of health care, and getting a great education from a top-quality medical assistant school will be a top priority in order to get one of these coveted jobs.

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