How much does being sick really cost you?

March 9th, 2011 by admin

how-much-does-being-sick-cost-you ss_10713343Nurse assistants are often called nursing aids or home health care aids if they work independently in someone’s private residence. A nurse assistant is an important medical assistant in the overall health care team.

They can get their educational training and hands on experience at various medical assistant programs at any number of accredited medical assistant colleges across the nation. They can also become certified medical assistants and nurses at these medical assisting colleges depending on how many years of study they undertake.

The cost of sickness is very high for all people concerned. It’s expensive for the patients to pay for it and because they can miss a lot of work. It’s also expensive for the insurance companies to pay for the multitude of health care claims that occur when people become sick with various diseases and infections or if they require expensive surgeries. It’s also costly for the hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes because they have to pay their extensive staff of physicians, nurses and allied health care support staff such as physical and occupational therapists, phlebotomists and x-ray technicians.

But medical assisting in a nurse assistant capacity can be a very rewarding, fascinating and diverse career choice for both men and women. These health practitioners can work in a hospital setting in both primary and urgent care. Their duties and daily responsibilities include moving patients who are immobile, cleaning and bathing patients, providing prescribed medications, watching over intravenous lines, taking blood work to and from the lab, and generally helping patients in the requirements of daily assisted living.

Nurse assistants are a very important and vital link in the overall health care system. They can greatly assist registered and licensed practical nurses in many extensive health care capacities, and they can also assist general physicians, specialists and even surgeons with various functional responsibilities in many different patient settings.

With only a relatively short amount of education, they can earn substantial financial remuneration in an exciting and emotionally satisfying career, and they can always aspire to and move up into the capacity as full time nurses with more extensive educational training and several years of hands on clinical hospital experience.

It’s important for nurse assistants to enjoy their work as this will lead to them wanting to provide the best health care possible to the widest variety of patients. It’s also easy for them to form close emotional bonds and relationships with the many patients who are under their care, and this is another beneficial aspect of the job despite health care costs continuing to rise across the board in hospitals all over the country.

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