Inside the Classroom: Medical Assistant

March 9th, 2011 by admin

Inside the Classroom: Medical Assistant

Many people around the world are not completely familiar with the term Medical Assistant and certainly could not describe to you what these professionals do on a day-to-day basis. Wendy Skonie, an instructor at a medical assistant college in North Aurora, Illinois and has been a practicing medical assisting for thirty years and now imparts her wisdom and experience to her students.

Skonie, the recent winner of the Dream Maker Award for outstanding teaching, has worked in just about every field as a medical assistant over her three decade career. One of the largest benefits for those who receive her instruction is that they receive training for just about any specialist field that they wish to enter. From endocrinology to cardiology, she can provide students with the expertise needed in the real world. Her courses are designed to present students with the exact training they will need to succeed as a medical assistant.

In this segment of “Inside the Classroom,” Skonie is shown instructing the medical assistant students in exactly how to complete a capillary puncture, or more simply known as a finger stick. In her instruction, she uses a good balance of medical terminology and simpler terms as well as using real instruments in her demonstration. Her students receive not only step-by-step directions, but are also given the opportunity to practice the skill on one another.

A proper finger stick actually does not use the initial blood that is drawn. The first drop of blood is wiped away once a ball has formed in order to prevent bubbles from entering the capillary tube that is used to withdraw the blood. As Skonie encouragingly tells her students, once a proper finger stick is administered, the blood in that tube can be used for just about any diagnostic test.

As the popularity of the medical assistant field continues to grow, technical colleges all across the country are advertising their program. Wendy Skonie’s expertise and mastery of this field undoubtedly gives her a leg up on the competition.

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