Medical Assistant Job Description

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Are you looking for a profession that is in high-demand, is ranked as one of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S., and is both financially and personally rewarding? Are you interested in switching careers or starting your work life in some of the best opportunities in health care? If you are searching for growth and professional advancement, medical assisting may provide you with themedical-assistant-job-description ts_87629248 answer.

Medical Assistant Job Duties

Medical assistants form the administrative and clinical backbone of almost every physician’s office. Medical assisting colleges prepare students for a variety of daily tasks, based on the employer and the size of the office staff. In small offices, medical assistants tend to act as generalists and must be well-versed in several areas. In larger offices and clinics, medical assistants generally work in distinct departments and specialize in a certain area.

Within medical assistant programs, students often choose their focus: administrative, clinical, or specialized.

Administrative medical assistants often answer phones, schedule appointments, update patient records, complete insurance claims, handle simple billing and bookkeeping tasks, and work as liaisons with hospitals and laboratories.

Clinical medical assistants may prepare patients for examination, record vital signs, and explain treatment procedures. Depending on state laws, they may also draw blood, take ECGs, authorize prescription renewals, remove sutures, and maintain sanitary exam rooms.

Specialized medical assistants work in specialty practices, such as with podiatrists, ophthalmologists, and optometrists. These medical assistants are trained in not only general medical practices but also the specialized needs of each doctor. Common duties include completing diagnostic tests, applying dressings, assisting with minor surgeries, and developing x-rays.

Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical assistants work in a broad range of health care facilities. While over half the work is in doctors’ offices, medical assistants can also be employed by hospitals, inpatient/outpatient facilities, nursing homes, and residential care centers. A number of medical assistant colleges offer internships and job placement assistance.

Medical Assistant Required Skills and Experience

Being a medical assistant means more than just working in a health care setting. Medical assistants are frequently around people–whether patients or coworkers–so communication skills are critical. They must be able to understand complicated medical

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procedures and explain physicians’ instructions in a manner that patients comprehend.

While some medical assistants learn on the job, many employers prefer graduates from a medical assistant college. Medical assistant programs generally last one to two years and cover such topics as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, diagnostic procedures, laboratory techniques, first aid, medical laws, insurance processing, and ethics. Medical assistant colleges also help their students to prepare for state-mandated exams.

Career Advancement for Medical Assistants

Each medical assistant college may work with certification programs to document the knowledge and experience levels each student has met. A certified medical assistant often earns a higher salary and has access to more job offers and promotions than an assistant with a high school diploma alone. Being designated a certified medical assistant through medical assistant programs may even open doors to teaching, managing an office, or becoming a nurse. Through the help of a medical assistant college, students are able to jump start their futures.

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