Medical Assisting A Great Job with a Good Salary

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A medical assistant is the title given to anyone who works with patients under a physician or other specialized healthcare provider  (for example, a dentist or psychiatrist, or at a hospital). Generally a medical assistant is required to do most of the patient care and routine procedures, including interviewing the patient, taking vital signs, and keeping records. A medical assistant may do more involved things such as giving injections, changing dressings, removing stitches, and more as well. In a clinical facility or other small office, a medical assistant may be required to do more clerical work in addition to other duties. These things may include greeting and scheduling patients,medical assisting good salary ss_10713343 handling paperwork, and even doing the billing and insurance paperwork.

To become a medical assistant, a high school diploma and medical assisting certificate are required. Typically several years of experience in a related field are also desired. The medical assisting certificate is usually obtained at a vocational school through a one-year program, or through a two-year associate’s degree at a college or university. The amount of education and training a person has will directly influence the salary they make in the medical assisting field. To properly train for medical assisting, a student will focus on science and medical classes, as well as clinical and laboratory experience. A good program will also train its students in computer and accounting skills to ensure they know how to handle insurance and billing procedures. Students may take an examination through the America Association of Medical Assistants for higher certification that may improve their medical assistant’s salary.

The average medical assistant salary in 2010, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), was $29,760

per year, or $13.87 per hour.

However, as in any career, the medical assistant pay largely depends on other variables, including their employer, the type of work environment they are in, the geographic region they are in, their experience and training, and even their other benefits.

Medical assistants typically work in either a physician’s office (or other health-care specialist’s office), or in a hospital. According to the BLS, both of these pay roughly $30,110 per year for a physician’s office and $30,770 for a surgical hospital. More specialized programs and offices show a larger difference in pay. Psychiatric aides, earn an average salary of $29,340.

The medical assistant wages can also vary greatly according to state or city. Typically, the Eastern and Western states pay the higher salaries, while the South pays the lower salaries. Large cities inevitably pay higher wages, as they have more demand.

Of course, training and experience also result in a much higher salary and better benefits. Along with the pure monetary pay, medical assistants who work full time are often recipients of benefits such as medical/dental/vision plans, retirement plans, vacation and sick pay, and more.

Being a medical assistant is a great way to earn a good living with little school and a short amount of time. It is a rewarding career helping people that pays and offers good chances for advancement.

Salary and Wage information gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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