National Employment Outlook for Paramedics and EMTs

March 10th, 2011 by admin

National Employment Outlook for Paramedics and EMTs

National Employment Outlook for Paramedics and EMTs

The outlook for Paramedics and EMTs differs dramatically across the United States, as this info-graphic clearly shows.

It would also seem to illustrate that there is very little regional consistency in terms of growth: Southern states are all over the board in terms of projected job growth, with Arkansas in the under 10% range and Louisiana in the highest projected growth range of over 30%. The West coast would appear to be the only region expected to experience the highest growth across the board, with all states North and West of Texas projected to grow 21 to 30% and more, with Montana and Wyoming being the only exceptions, being in the next lowest range of 16 to 20%. The only other trend discernable is no state north of South Carolina can boast project growth of greater than 25%. (diagram of percentages)

While the outlook may not reveal much in the way of regional trends, the average salaries do seem to display some distinct differences: Paramedics and EMTs in the West coast states like California earn $36,140, while the southern state of Texas remains $31,680, with only a handful of exceptions in the south. One reason for this difference is undoubtedly cost of living, which suddenly makes the relatively higher pay in California and New York look somewhat grim. But the rest of the Northeast really isn’t in any better shape, with most states in the 30k to 35k range and some, for example Pennsylvania ($30,460), remaining in the lowest range possible, hardly 30k.

Looking at both maps together we can say that a few states offer high comparative salaries for Paramedics and EMTs while also promising some of the highest rates of projected job growth. Alaska, for instance, claims the second highest average salary while also promising 27% projected job growth, making it tied for 7th place with

Alabama. Oregon also pays well, the third highest state in the US, while promising a relatively high 26% rate of growth.

But unfortunately, the majority of the states that project the highest growth percentages, specifically 2nd place South Carolina, 3rd Place Louisiana, 4th place Nebraska, and 6th place Texas, all provide the lowest average wages. The rest of the top ten growth states, except for Alaska ($48,050), all fall in the middle range, between 35k and 40k annual wage.

It seems that the Paramedic and EMT professions suffer a trade-off between wages and job growth.

Information gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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