What Does A Medical Assistant Do Everyday?

May 4th, 2011 by Clifford

A good example of what a Medical Assistant does everyday is taking a child’s temperature.
First a medical assistant would make sure that the following equipment is handy: digital temporal thermometer, alcohols swabs, gauze, and the patient’s chart

Next, thoroughly wash your hands. Assemble necessary equipment in a location near the area where the patient will be seated. Wipe the front of the digital temporarily thermometer with an alcohol swab. Allow patient and his/her caregiver to enter the room. Verify that you have the correct patient chart by asking the caregiver to verify the patient’s name. Explain what you are about to do to the caregiver and address any questions or concerns that the caregiver brings up. Obtain the patient’s medical history along with all relevant signs and symptoms that are present. Obtain consent to take the child’s temperature.

Blot any sweat off the forehead before placing the temporal thermometer flush to the skin in the center of the forehead. Press and hold the scan button while moving the thermometer across the side of the patients forehead.

Light will flash and beep when a reading has been obtained, then release the scan button.

If there is perspiration on the child’s forehead place the thermometer behind the child’s ear and hold the scan button to get a reading. Read temperature and record it in the patient’s chart.

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