What is the role of a Medical Assistant?

May 5th, 2011 by Dustin

A brief overview of a medical assistant’s duties can help those seeking a new career in healthcare. First, you need to determine if medical assisting is a field they might want to pursue. Tasks usually assigned to medical assistants as well as what type of school should be sought and the length of time it takes to complete schooling are topics covered in this video.

For those who enjoy working with people and gain satisfaction from helping others, medical assisting may be a career to consider. Medical assistants usually work in individual doctors’ offices greeting patients, performing basic checks of vitals and recording data in medical files. They must be able to communicate well, convey sympathy and understanding toward patients and work in an organized manner when managing patient files. The support that medical assistants provide to nurses and physicians is invaluable as an efficient medical assistant can become the backbone of a busy, but well-run office. Anyone who is motivated by a desire to excel in a supporting role may wish to learn more about medical assisting.

One could work as a medical assistant as their primary focus, or obtain these beginning skills which would allow them to work in the healthcare industry while pursuing further studies toward a nursing or medical degree. This video is a good, basic introduction to a career as a medical assistant, which can lead the viewer to determine whether more research on this career is worthwhile. If you are interested in a career as a Medical Assistant go to USCollegeSearch and search by location or Medical Assistant degree type.

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