What Would the Medical Field be Without Medical Assistants

March 7th, 2011 by LaciW

medical-field-without-medical-assistants ts_87827813Due to the downsizing trend in all areas of business, the rising costs of health care, and increased emphasis on profitability, doctors are expected to do more with less. With the current emphasis on cost cutting in both the private and government sector, a good medical assistant is a viable option for alleviating some of the workload for both doctors and nurses, giving them more time to treat their patients. He or she can be an invaluable help to the patients, as well as the doctors and the nurses, by providing a liaison between the doctor and the patient, ensuring that the needs of both are satisfied.

A good medical assistant will be able to take vital signs, change dressings, prepare patients for procedures such as x-rays, complete patients’ charts and schedule their appointments, and perform many other important functions necessary to the efficient operation of a doctor’s office. Some of the duties required will depend upon the field chosen and whether it is specialized such as a private practice, or generalized such as a hospital. The ability to communicate well is a necessity for a good medical assistant. Much of their job includes communicating with doctors and nurses, patients and other facilities. A desire to make a difference in other people’s lives is key to a medical assistant truly enjoying the work that they do. In some offices, medical assistants will help with the billing and coding for insurance purposes, and with the administrative workload, so good organizational skills are helpful.

The medical assistant course is a two-year program and is available from either state institutions or private career colleges. Required courses include the procedures followed in a medical office, proper laboratory procedures and techniques, and medical terminology as well as first aid and pharmaceutical principles.

Even though certification is not required for an individual to work as a medical assistant, certification indicates a level of commitment and professionalism that will be an asset when applying for work. Certification is also available for specialties. Testing and certification through organizations such as the American Association022p0503ll of Medical Assistants may increase the opportunity for growth and advancement in the medical assistant career. This national certification must be renewed periodically to ensure that the medical assistant stays current in procedures and advances in the medical field. The certification is recognized in all fifty states.

The career of a medical assistant provides a wide and varied opportunity for advancement. Many medical assistants pursue further education in the nursing field, from LPN (licensed practical nurse) to RN (registered nurse.) Many medical assistants branch off into phlebotomy, which is the practice of drawing blood, and work for a laboratory. In some states, medical assistants can be certified to take x-rays or administer injections.

The medical assistant career field is rapidly expanding and is expected to continue to grow faster than any other career field for the next five years. Medical assistants who are fully trained in all the operations of a doctor’s office, from filing to phlebotomy, will have the best opportunities for employment and advancement. Begin you college search here and check out all of ourMedical Assistant Schools, Medical Assistant Colleges and Medical Assistant FAQs.

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