Shortage of physicians can be your opportunity for success as a Medical Assistant!

November 15th, 2010 by admin

ts-78466511A recent article on looked into a June 2010 study done by the Association of American Medical Colleges Center for Workforce Studies.  The study reported on the shortage of physicians in our country, which will continue to grow with the almost 30 million new patients thanks to the healthcare reform.  The study predicted our nation is short about 14,000 physicians which could grow to 130, 600 by 2025.

While a shortage of physicians is a worry for our country, it can be a great opportunity for individuals who are medical assistants or who are thinking about going to a medical assistant school.  Now more than ever, medical offices are looking to hire medical assistants to help increase the number of patients a physician can see during the day.

Medical assistants can free up a physician’s time by handling some of their responsibilities before and after the visit.  For example, a medical assistant visits with the patient about their concerns and their medical history, and performs basic procedures such as checking weight, heart rate and blood pressure.  This gives the physician the opportunity to see more patients without decreasing the quality of their visit with him or her.  After the physician has made a diagnosis or given recommendations, the medical assistant can return and talk about medications and recovery procedures.


So, if you’re interested in training for a career in the medical field, now really is the perfect time to look at medical assistant schools.  The shortage of physician’s can be an opportunity for you to succeed in the field and allow you to enjoy working closely with patients.  You can truly make an impact on patients’ lives and help physicians’ offices maintain quality service to their clients.

Medical Assistant schools can usually be found at technical or vocational schools and can be completed in just one to two years.

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