Crime Rankings Across the US

April 1st, 2011 by admin

Crime Rankings Across the US

Detroit is a city that commonly gets its reputation as the worst of the worst with regard to crime. But according to recent statistics, the city actually performs better in some categories of crime than several other US cities. Rankings here are given for ten categories of crime, like Arson, Murder, Larceny, and Assault, and are based on crimes per 100,000 members of the population. A high ranking in a category means there is more crime there.

For example, in Total Property Crime, Detroit ranks nineteenth in the nation, with nearly 6,000 incidents per 100,000 people. By comparison, Memphis and Atlanta rank number two and number three in that category, respectively. And in the Larceny-Theft category, Detroit ranks sixty-forth in the nation, behind other more theft-prone cities like San Antonio.

In fact, the worst city in these rankings, St Louis, appears to be as about twice as bad as Detroit, at least by some measures. Compared as a whole, St Louis ranks in the top three for a whopping eight different categories, and holds number one rankings for three different categories: Total Violent Crime, Aggravated Assault, and Total Property Crime. Detroit, by comparison, ranks in the top three for four of the categories, and holds no number one rankings. Other cities that hold number one rankings include Oakland, California, with most Motor Vehicle Theft; Toledo and Cleveland with Arson and Robbery; Memphis with Burglary; and New Orleans, Louisiana, ranked number one in Murder.

However, while it seems clear that Detroit certainly isn’t the worst, any good student of criminal justice will tell you that Detroit still has a crime problem. Compared to the national ranking of US cities – and there are a lot of US cities – Detroit is still in the top ten worst for seven categories of crime. Furthermore, these numbers don’t tell us whether crime in Detroit is increasing, decreasing, or remaining relatively steady. What these numbers do perhaps remind us, though, is that there are many large cities in the US that struggle with crime, and among them, there might not be as big a reason as we thought to single out Detroit.

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