Criminal Justice Jobs

March 31st, 2011 by admin

Criminal justice is the system responsible for enforcing and upholding laws. The goal of the criminal justice system is to maintain social control by preventing crime and enforcing penalties and/or rehabilitation services on individuals who violate the laws. There is an extensive amount of career opportunities within the criminal justice system.

Criminal justice degrees open up a wealth of opportunities. Entry level positions are available to help any new graduate get the experience they need to advance to higher positions. Examples of these higher positions can include forensic scientists, FBI executives, crime analysts, and homicide detectives. There are many entry level criminal justice jobs criminal-justice-jobs ts_86485200designed for advancement.

Jobs for criminal justice majors may include, but are not limited to, positions in law enforcement, court systems, and corrections. Law enforcement positions such as police and security officers are jobs that provide experience and room for advancement. A police officer can be promoted to a higher position and may be able to use their experience to become a detective or crime scene investigator. Experienced security officers can advance to supervisory or management positions, and may even be promoted to security director.

A valuable asset to many law offices is a legal assistant or paralegal. They work closely with the lawyers and must possess a great deal of knowledge of law. Some of the duties they are responsible for are trial preparations, preparing legal documents, and drafting documents. Although advancement opportunities in this field are limited, it is an excellent way to gain knowledge and experience of the court system. Some people may find that knowledge valuable if they plan to pursue a higher degree in law.

Corrections officers work in jails or prisons and are responsible for overseeing the inmates and maintaining control within the facility. In some cases, corrections officers will transfer to become probation officers, parole officers, or correctional treatment specialists. Qualified correctional officers may be promoted to correctional sergeants, supervisory positions, administration, and the experience and expertise in the field may enable them to work their way up to warden.

Criminal justice jobs and advancement opportunities vary depending on location. It is logical to presume that there are more criminal justice job opportunities in higher populated cities since crime is more likely to occur more often. It is also likely that a highly populated city will have more advancement opportunities than a smaller town or city due to the higher amount and greater need for various positions. However, dedicated criminal justice professionals are in demand in every city, whether large or small.

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    [...] in the criminal justice field should increase an average of 17 percent in the next ten years. These careers offer above average salaries and an excellent potential for advancement. Once employed, many people [...]

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    I would love to attendthis school. I would like to pursuit a career in investigation. I’m from The Bahamas, and I’m still in high school, but was looking for a school that i could attend immediately after graduation. I was always the curious type,and loved to solve mysteries. Now in school i do perfom as a singer…I would like to be an undercover agent..I get Excellent grades. I am a independent, self engaging, enthusiactic, determined, and dedicated goal thriving type of person.

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