An Ear for an Ear

October 14th, 2008 by SarahE

I think it’s great when people charged with crimes are sentenced with unusual punishments. It reminds you that you don’t have to be a 3rd grade art teacher to have a career allowing for creative expression. These days, judges are making the most of their artistic licenses.

For example, AP Press just published an article about this young man named Andrew Vactor who was facing a $150 fine for playing rap music too loud. The judge offered to reduce the fine to $35 if he spent 20 hours listening to classical music.

At first, Vactor agreed. But, his excursion into the classical realm didn’t last long. According to a probation officer, he only listened for 15 minutes.

Vactor said Bach didn’t drive him off – he was just late for basketball practice. “I didn’t have the time to deal with that,” he said. “I just decided to pay the fine.”

The judge offered to reduce the fine in exchange for this punishment to show Vactor what it was like to be forced to listen to music – much like the people who were forced to listen to the music he was playing.

I love it! Creative justice! It kind of makes me want to go into the legal profession. I bet court reporters get to hear it all.


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