Phone Crimes

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Phone Crimes

The information in this graphic would be of particular interest to anyone who may be planning some activities that would be best left untraceable. Pre-paid cell phones are common tools to help in accomplishing these tasks, since they conveniently have no long-term plan requirements. Even criminal apprehension is less of a barrier to communication that many people may think. The recently-tallied numbers of pre-paid phones that made it past prison security are rather impressive. For the savvy comparison shopper, the chart titled “Running the Streets” breaks down the available pre-paid minute plans by provider, including Tracfone, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Obtaining a pre-paid cell phone may soon require the inconvenience of providing photo identification and national registration. Some countries already have such laws in place, with more intending to follow suit in the near future. When it comes to this needed tool in the average law-breaker’s arsenal, time is apparently of the essence. Since these certain users will only be using their phones for a short amount of time, they are advised to get one with a low number of minutes, conduct their business dealings, and then get rid of the phone as soon as possible.

Untraceable pre-paid cell phones are not confined to the average street crime activities. They have also played a crucial role in certain under-the-table white collar business deals as well. Phones with low minutes and one-day to one-week use limits have allowed the sale of stock tips for a major hedge fund, netting its participants a healthy multi-million dollar profit. In these cases, a quality data plan makes sending stock data much easier and quicker for busy Wall Street players. Some providers have one-day data plans that cost as little as $1 for a single day of use. As with other shady dealings, time management skills can go a long way in getting the most out of one of these pre-paid plans before the phones need to be dropped off a bridge or into a trash can.

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