Top Careers in Computer Repair and Networking

January 9th, 2013 by admin

Computer repair and computer networking jobs are amongst the fastest growing and highest paying two-year degree pathways. Certification and an associate’s degree is enough to help you land an excellent career in computer repairs and networking.

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Computer Support Specialist

Computer support is a fast field that is always growing. It only requires a two-year degree to get started in the field. These specialists can makeĀ around $46,000 per year. It is one of five high paying careers in computer repairs and networking.

Computer Repair

There are two-year degrees in computer science that can lead to a full-time job in computer repairs. This prepares students to understand all of the inner workings of a computer related to the hardware and software. Computer repairers make an average of $37,000 per year. This amount can vary depending on the volume of work and employment location.

Network Administrator

This career path requires a minimum of an associate’s degree. Entry-level pay is right around the $69,000 mark. Network administrators will work on organizing and installing systems for companies, schools and individuals. This is for LANs, WANs and all other data communication systems. This field is fast growing, and it is easy to break into with the right certification and degree. It pays very well and will provide a fulfilling work environment for computer lovers.

Medical Equipment Repairs

Medical equipment breaks and needs repairs the same way that a computer does. Medical equipment uses the same technology that computers do, and repairing these pieces of equipment is similar in execution as a computer repair would be. This career pays around $44,000 per year on average. It requires an associate’s degree at a minimum. There is plenty of room for advancement in this field. Training is often done on the job.

Telecommunications Repairs

Telecommunications specialists work in a specialized area of computer repairs to install and fix communication signals and Internet. This area of work requires an associate’s degree and training on the job. It pays an average of $54,000 a year. This makes it one of the higher paying careers in networking and computer repair.

These exciting careers pay well and provide a stimulating environment for those who love technology. Each career path also has plenty of room for career and educational advancements.

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