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January 31st, 2012 by admin


A lot of times people have a very one-note perspective of online education, but in truth, there are a lot of different facets to it, including different types of online degree programs (100% online, web-facilitated, blended/hybrid or traditional) and a variety of outlooks on its usefulness. For example, a lot of people surveyed above believe it’s more difficult to retain students of online programs, but they also believe that there is value in online degrees and online courses are important to future education strategy. A Department of Education study in 2009 actually found that students taking all or some online classes tend to perform better than their traditional peers.

Other important notes: Beyond higher education, corporate e-learning is also growing rapidly, contributing to continuing education of the workforce. Also, the economic downturn has increased demand online courses and programs, and the vast majority of students in an online program are undergraduate students.

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