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Psychologists usually have training beyond a master’s degree. Some psychologists spend lots of time with their clients, and others spend more time doing research instead. People who have relatively little training in psychology can become psychiatric technicians. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, you can work as a market research analyst. You can become a school psychologist or an industrial-organizational psychologist if you are willing to attend graduate school.

Psychiatric technicians work with people who have mental illnesses and developmental disabilities. They help their patients with daily living activities. Market research analysts do research regarding marketing techniques. They analyze the data and present reports to management. School psychologists work with students who have academic and behavioral problems. They evaluate the students’ learning skills. Industrial-and organizational psychologists deal with work-related issues such as employee productivity and management styles. They often work with management.

How to Train for These Careers

Psychiatric technicians are usually qualified for their jobs after completing a short period of classroom and on-the-job training. The length of classroom training varies from one semester to two years. Market research analyst jobs are available for people who have a bachelor’s degree in psychology. School psychologists need a master’s, specialist (an Ed. S., which is more advanced than a master’s degree)or a Ph.D. in School Psychology. Students who complete master’s degree programs in psychology can work in the field of industrial and organizational psychology under the supervision of a doctoral psychologist.

The Best Ways to Get Jobs in Those Fields

Psychiatric technicians qualify for their jobs after completing classroom and on-the-job training. People with bachelor’s degrees in psychology are qualified to do market research. People who complete their Ed. S. or doctorate school psychology programs are often hired for school psychology jobs. People with advanced psychology degrees and extensive training in research methods and computer science have a better chance of getting jobs in the field of industrial and organizational psychology.

Salaries and Job Outlook

All the salary information listed in this paragraph are from May 2010. Psychiatric technicians earned an average of $28,710 a year. The average salary of market research analysts is $60,570 a year. The average salaries are higher for industrial and organizational psychologists than for school psychologists. Industrial and organizational psychologists made an average of $87,330. School psychology jobs have an average salary of $66,810 a year.

The employment of psychiatric technicians is expected to increase 15 percent from 2010-2020, which is a slower job growth than the other three occupations. The number of jobs for market research analysts is expected to grow 41 percent from 2010-2020. Employment of school psychologists is expected to grow 22%. Industrial-organizational psychology is expected to grow rapidly (35%). However, the field is relatively small. It is expected to increase by 800 employees for the years of 2010-2020.

Many jobs are available in market research and in school psychology. You can become a psychiatric technician with a relatively short period of training (two years or less) along with on-the-job training. You can become a market research analyst with a bachelor’s degree. School psychology jobs generally require an Ed. S. or a doctorate in that field. Applicants who have advanced degrees (beyond a master’s degree) along with lots of training in research and computer science are more likely to get jobs in industrial and organizational psychology.

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