The Heaviest Price Tags in Higher Education

January 10th, 2012 by admin


The cost of higher education is, obviously, a big topic and one that’s been appearing in the headlines quite often throughout 2011 and into 2012. Everything has become a topic – from the rise in tuition to the cost difference between different types of schools, from the competition between schools to the gross overpayment of coaches and athletic departments. It’s all fair game, and it’s all covered in the infographic above.

Of course, the things that aren’t covered in here are ways that the higher education industry is changing that will affect costs in the future. For example, how you can cut out worry about rising dorm room and dining hall expenses by looking into online colleges. Or how many people are now questioning the high-priced undergraduate educations of places like Sarah Lawrence College and Georgetown University in favor of more career-focused training that gets down in the dirt and prepares people for jobs.

The numbers on this education infographic are just plain excessive in many cases, and the only way off of this trajectory is to start challenging higher education’s old-fashioned norms and thinking of it in new and fresh ways.

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