What can these popular cooking shows teach you about a culinary career?

August 5th, 2011 by Brendon

1.) Top Chef – F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote that “there are no second acts in American lives.” But for season eight’s contestants on Top Chef, they are getting a second chance at the title. It featured past contestants who just fell short of winning the whole enchilada their first time around.

In each episode, contestants face two challenges: the Quickfire Challenge, which requires them to cook a dish under very particular ingredient guidelines and a time restriction; and the Elimination Challenge, which pushed them to use their poise and creativity under a variety of strange conditions and bizarre rules. What can this show teach prospective culinary students?

First of all, to thrive in the culinary industry, you need to be a leader, you need to be inventive, and you have to think quickly. Having broad knowledge of ingredients and cultural styles will help you cater to different audiences. By limiting yourself to certain ingredients, you will improve your improvisational skills and learn to think on your feet without stressing out.

2.) Kitchen Nightmares – Speaking of stress, have you ever seen Gordon Ramsey in a good mood? Imagine if this guy walked into your kitchen. Where would you even start? Gordon comes off as a strong-headed guy who specializes in screaming at struggling restaurant owners. But his drill-sergeant style of hosting the show is exactly what’s needed to turn around a poorly performing restaurant.

Each week, Gordon enters a situation bordering on catastrophe. Often, the owners are in over their heads – selling poorly devised recipes, offering less-than-stellar service, and teetering on the brink of failure.

What can Gordon teach you about the industry? Well, first of all, it’s very tough to be a successful restaurant owner. Before you make the leap to owning your own restaurant, make sure you have the kind of mindset that can handle running a business. Oftentimes, people think that having the culinary skills will make them successful as a restaurant owner.

Cooking and running a business require two different skill sets. If you have both, then great. Go for it. But be honest with yourself. If you would rather hide in the kitchen perfecting recipes, then leave the paperwork to someone else. Otherwise, your dream come true will quickly turn into a nightmare!

3.) Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen – Remember that crazy kid in your chemistry class who always blew up beakers or accidentally set things on fire? Okay, maybe he wasn’t in your class. But surely, those who went to school with Marcel Vigneron know what I’m talking about.

His show is featured on the SyFy Channel, which sounds a little strange, but where else would you go to learn how to make Mac ‘n Chains (cheddar cheese noodles with cheese foam) or a deconstructed chili? My personal favorite is Air Bread Pizza served on a levitating hovercraft.

What can a show like this teach you? Well, let’s be honest – his methods of food preparation are far from practical. Not many kitchens boast a food dehydrator and safety goggles. But a good gimmick can garner a lot of attention. The key is making sure you provide customers with something they will crave when they are hungry. You want people to take their friends to your restaurant for two reasons: the food and the experience. Be sure you offer the best of both worlds!

If you are thinking about entering a culinary program, talk to the faculty and share your goals with them. Listen carefully to what their programs offer, and ask what the typical outcome is for most of their students. If you are interested in starting your own restaurant, then make sure there are classes that focus on the business side of things as well.

Ready to start looking for the right culinary program? There are a diverse menu of options for culinary schools out there. Shorter programs will be a great choice for those who are interested in getting fast training and a job as soon as possible. For those starting the college search and who can spend more time in training, some culinary schools offer two- and four-year programs that would be excellent preparation for a culinary career.

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What are the most popular massage techniques that you will learn at massage therapy school?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

Attending massage therapy school means that you will be learning about a variety of different massage best-massage-therapy-techniques ss_30988195techniques that you will be able to use when you graduate and become a licensed massage therapist. Classic massage therapy techniques, like Swedish massage, are covered at massage school, however there are many more exciting massage techniques that you can use for different clients.

Massage therapy for women who have had mastectomies requires a special technique so that the massage is comfortable and relaxing. Similarly, women who are pregnant require a special prenatal massage therapy method that will relax the mother. Athletic massages are their own special category, with a focus on the different muscles that are strained and worked depending on the sport. While at massage therapy school you will learn how to use massage to help runners, swimmers, and other athletes’ bodies recover after arduous races.

Eastern massages are also very popular topics at massage therapy schools today. These massage techniques focus not only on the body’s muscles but on the client’s energies and stress levels. One of the most commonly taught is Reiki, however there are many other Eastern massage therapy techniques taught at massage school. You will learn how to ease the client’s body and mind using these exciting alternative therapies.

Hot stone massages have also become standard techniques taught in massage therapy programs. Offered at spas across the country, hot stone massages use heated smooth stones instead of massage therapists’ hands to relax the muscles and relieve clients’ knotted muscles.

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Can I get certified in different types of massage therapy?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

certified-in-different-types-of-massage ts_86519682Massage therapy can be rewarding work for an individual who is interested in helping people to feel more relaxed. Furthermore, massage therapy is a growing field that requires training and dedication from its students. A student who is interested in certification in a particular type of massage therapy should check his or her state’s requirements for details. The administration of a massage therapy school should be able to advise a prospective student on the certification requirements for each type of massage.

There are different types of massage therapy for people in need of help. For instance, reflexology is a type of massage therapy that helps to relieve tension in a person’s muscles. Reflexology can also help reduce a person’s feelings of stress. Sports massage is another type of massage therapy. This type of massage has been known to help with strains suffered in sports competitions. Deep tissue massage is another category of massage that some individuals specialize in. Deep tissue massage is sometimes used to relieve pain from injuries or relieve tension in the shoulders or lower back. The type of massage therapy a student chooses to pursue depends upon his or her interests. One person may be interested in the type of massage that simply relieves stress while another individual is interested in a type of massage that assists in relieving a client’s chronic pain. Prospective students should consider all of the massage therapy training options offered by a massage school in order to determine what most interests them.

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Do massage therapy programs offer financial aid or student loans?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

You can grow encouraged to know that massage therapy schools do indeed financial-aid-for-massage-therapy-school ss_8032648offer financial aid to many of their students. Massage therapy training can be expensive, particularly at some of the longer programs out there.

The type of financial aid offered is usually in the form of student loans. These loans can come from both the government educational fund in the individual state that the massage school is located in, as well as from the federal government.

The most aid goes to those students whose financial profile shows the most need. It’s very easy to apply for financial aid. Simply request a financial aid application packet from each massage school you’re interested in attending. Fill the forms out and mail them in by the listed deadline. Then you just wait to see how much you’ll be receiving.

Some of the bigger massage therapy schools also offer private funding to exceptionally qualified students. This means that the individual school itself can provide some of the necessary money for tuition and textbooks, in addition to whatever funding amounts you get from the state and federal governments.

Not too many massage therapy schools offer traditional scholarships like most universities. This is mainly the case because the amount of money needed to attend massage therapy school is much lower than for a regular, four year, undergraduate, bachelor’s degree program.

The best aspect of thinking about obtaining financial aid to get your massage training is that nearly everyone qualifies to some degree. In 99% of the cases, you won’t have to carry the entire load of the costs all by yourself. And that’s great news.

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Can I go to an online massage therapy school?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

go-to-online-massage-therapy-school ss_35652805A number of schools offer online degrees and diploma programs. A student who wishes to pursue a career as a massage therapist may look into such schools only to walk away disappointed. While a number of professions allow a person to learn the basics of the craft from a distance, massage therapy is not one of them.

Much as a doctor or nurse must see an actual patient to diagnose illnesses, a massage therapist student must work with actual people to learn how to effectively apply their trade. While textbooks, videos and other items may convey the basics of any physical art, there is no substitute for live practice. A teacher is needed to show a person the correct form.

The lack of good courses over the Internet may disappoint many, but schools offering this course know they deal with families and people who need flexible scheduling options. Although a person cannot usually go into an online massage therapy program, most schools are willing to work around a person’s schedule.

Students who decide to earn a diploma or an associates degree in this field are often furthering their education or parents. It is in the school’s best interest to offer classes in as flexible as a manner as they can.

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How long does massage therapy school take?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

Massage therapy is a growing field today as people begin to transition to more natural healing and how-long-does-massage-therapy-school-take ss_54670846alternative treatments to medicine. When considering massage therapy school, you will want to know how long you will have to be in school before you can begin practicing. Much of the answer to that question will depend on the licensing requirements in your state.

The actual massage therapy training courses take about a year, and then you may have to practice for up to six months under a licensed massage therapist prior to being allowed to start your own practice and be licensed. It’s also important to understand insurance requirements for massage therapy practices. Again, different states have different requirements.

Many states have a minimum number of hours that an applicant must complete, usually around 600 hours. Most massage therapy schools require students to complete practice hours within the school itself, offering massages to other students and faculty at very reduced prices. These hours are usable toward the required minimum hours required by each state for licensing. After completion of massage therapy training, one can find suitable employment in massage therapy clinics or chiropractic offices to complete the remaining hours. Be sure to research the requirements for liability insurance as well for a massage therapist for your state.

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What should I look for when visiting a massage therapy school?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

When you are searching for a massage therapy schoolwhat-should-i-look-for-when-visiting-a-massage-therapy-school TS_78468700, it is important that you find a legitimate school that has the accreditation to ensure that your certificate of completion will be accepted nationally. Accreditation will ensure that there is a verification of quality by a higher organization. You will want to make sure the school is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). Massage schools that are ACCSC accredited will involve rigorous examinations by instructors and can ensure that you are able to handle the career once you complete the courses. This agency also makes sure the program is sound, the faculty must be highly qualified, and the administration that runs the school is responsible and ethical.

It is recommended that you also check how far your certification can take you. You will also want to check if you will be able to work on medical patients or only as a private practice. Making sure that the school that you wish to qualify for is ACCSC approved will allow you the privilege of knowing that your career choice will be accepted by those who you work for and let your customers know you are qualified. You should also check the licensing requirements for the state you are to massage in. It is highly necessary that you pay attention to how many hours of education are needed and exam prerequisites when entering the field of massage.

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How do I choose which massage therapy school to attend?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

Massage therapy is an expanding career within the health care field. Massage therapists areHow-od-i-choose-which-massage-therapy-school-to-attend ts_19098382 finding jobs in chiropractic offices, physical therapy practices and in spa settings. When deciding on massage school there are a few things to consider.

Several states across the nation require the student to become a licensed massage therapist in order to practice legally. Consider choosing a massage therapy school that is recognized by the state, meaning, the massage therapy training meets all of the requirements put forth by the state. For example, the state of Washington might require 500 hours of schooling while a state such as New York may require 1,000 hours to obtain a license.

Along with rules and regulations according to the state, see if the massage school provides it’s students with an overall training about the professional massage industry. Once you graduate and begin work as a massage therapist, you will want to know not only how to give a great massage but how to educate your client, how to manage the business itself and how to be ethical in a professional setting. The massage therapy training should include full classes on each of these subjects, while covering them in depth so that the student is not left wondering about any certain topic they might face post graduation.

The massage school should be clean, organized and focused on the students’ learning. The training should effectively and continuously prepare the students for the exam they will have to pass in order to obtain a state license.

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How do I find massage therapy schools?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

how-do-i-find-massage-therapy-schools ss_5637958If you have an interest in entering the field of massage therapy you will first need to locate a massage therapy school. If you live near a large metropolitan area you will probably find several schools offering massage therapy training. There are schools available that are dedicated massage therapy schools. Massage therapy is also taught in combination with other subjects at technical and community colleges.

The Internet may be the best place to start. There are sites, including this one, that let you enter your city and you are presented with available training in your area. You can go on to compare courses offered, length of time needed to complete the course, and whether they offer government or other financial aid.

There are massage therapy schools available in your area to meet your needs. An Internet search makes it easy to find and compare massage therapy training in one place. It is very important that the course is accredited and is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

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What will I learn in massage therapy classes/school?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

Massage therapy schools can offer you a broad range of training in the health care industry. Massage therapy trainingwhat-will-i-learn-in-massage-therapy-classes ss_1230455 and education includes many diverse courses, most in the scientific disciplines.

At massage school, you’ll study anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, which is the study of human movement. You might also study exercise science. You’ll definitely learn all about the different styles and modalities of massage. You’ll be taught all about specific muscle massage and manipulations.

At massage school, you’ll also study business principles, since many massage school graduates choose to open up their own massage private practices. While there, you’ll learn how to specifically run a health care business. This includes information on how to properly advertise and market your business, how to order massage supplies, and how to schedule appointments with potential massage clients.

Mostly, you’ll learn all about the intricate muscle system of the human body, and how injury and illness affects this system. Your course of study varies. Depending on the particular school, your core curriculum can last anywhere from six months to two years.

In the longer programs, you could undertake more extensive study in the scientific field to include advanced coursework in biology, how chemistry affects the human body, and pathology, or the study of human disease processes.

You’ll also get hands on clinical training by actually working on classmates and giving them some of your first massages. It’s a very fascinating experience to go to massage school.

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