What will I learn in massage therapy classes/school?

January 31st, 2011 by admin

Massage therapy schools can offer you a broad range of training in the health care industry. Massage therapy trainingwhat-will-i-learn-in-massage-therapy-classes ss_1230455 and education includes many diverse courses, most in the scientific disciplines.

At massage school, you’ll study anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, which is the study of human movement. You might also study exercise science. You’ll definitely learn all about the different styles and modalities of massage. You’ll be taught all about specific muscle massage and manipulations.

At massage school, you’ll also study business principles, since many massage school graduates choose to open up their own massage private practices. While there, you’ll learn how to specifically run a health care business. This includes information on how to properly advertise and market your business, how to order massage supplies, and how to schedule appointments with potential massage clients.

Mostly, you’ll learn all about the intricate muscle system of the human body, and how injury and illness affects this system. Your course of study varies. Depending on the particular school, your core curriculum can last anywhere from six months to two years.

In the longer programs, you could undertake more extensive study in the scientific field to include advanced coursework in biology, how chemistry affects the human body, and pathology, or the study of human disease processes.

You’ll also get hands on clinical training by actually working on classmates and giving them some of your first massages. It’s a very fascinating experience to go to massage school.

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