The Keys to Earning a Larger Medical Assistants Salary

March 14th, 2011 by admin

larger-medical-assistants-salary ts_86479773There are thousands of licensed medical practitioners around the world who are in need of assistants. This is the primary reason why hundreds of medical assistant colleges are in existence today. A medical assistant college can help prepare one for the future challenges that lie ahead.

Medical assisting colleges have many different medical assistant programs. Some of these programs last for two years while others last for four years. Medical assistant programs lasting for the duration of four years will help graduates get into a position to earn a significant medical assistants salary. Statistics show that graduates from a four year medical assistant program make at least thirty percent more than a graduate that completes a two year certified medical assistant program. Many schools encourage their students to enroll in a four year program.

What are some of the responsibilities of a certified medical assistant? One must have exceptional customer service skills, solid clerical skills, a thorough knowledge of medical terminology, and the ability to help medical practitioners provide quality health care to patients. Having all of these attributes can help any medical assistant college graduate secure a comfortable medical assistants salary.

The daily routine of a certified medical assistant can be quite hectic. Answering the phone, greeting patients, escorting patients to their respective rooms is done daily. It is the assistant’s responsibility to make sure that each patient if comfortable during the entire visit. It is also the assistant’s responsibility to answer the phone in a professional manner. Exceptional customer service skills can help one deal with these tasks successfully.

You can find certified medical assistants working in various settings. They are employed at county hospitals, state hospitals, private hospitals, military hospitals, small clinics, and pharmacy labs. It is prudent that each medical facility keeps accurate records on their patients. An assistant makes sure that files are well organized and up to date. This helps other staff members perform their jobs efficiently.

Precise filing techniques and computer programming are introduced to students at medical assisting colleges. Medical jargon is also included in medical assistant programs. These skills help students keep up with the hectic pace that takes place in an intense office setting. Instructors at accredited medical assistant colleges make sure that their students are well prepared before they enter into the field.

How much can you earn as a certified medical assistant? A two year program graduate can earn close to thirty five thousand dollars annually. A four year program graduate can expect to earn close to forty two thousand dollars annually. In some cases, a four year student can make close to fifty thousand dollars per year.

Licensed medical practitioners are always in need of certified medical assistants. One must be prepared to accept and deal with the challenging tasks that lie ahead once he or she completes their education at a medical assistant college. Having knowledge of medical terminology, exceptional clerical skills, and a good work ethic can help anyone succeed in this competitive field.

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A Day-in-the-Life of a Medical Assistant

March 10th, 2011 by Clifford

A Day-in-the-Life of a Medical Assistant

If you enjoy working with people and are interested in patient care, being a medical assistant may be the right career for you.

A medical assistant performs many tasks to help a health care clinic run smoothly, including prescription drug refills, scheduling of medical exams and tests for patients, taking the height, weight, blood pressure, and other vital statistics of patients who come in, administering injections, and otherwise assisting the physician that they work under.

Being a medical assistant requires good people skills, good typing skills, knowledge of medical terminology and basic medical procedures, and good work ethics. A medical assistant must work with other people including patients, doctors, pharmacy workers, and doctors at other clinics that they may need to refer patients to.

A typical day as a medical assistant requires eight to ten hours of work, much of which requires you to be on your feet. Longer shifts may be necessary depending on the number of patients; this number increases during the times of year when illness is more common or a lot of people need physicals.

To become a medical assistant, there is more than one degree route that you can take. You can be a Certified Medical Assistant or a Registered Medical Assistant. The median annual wages of a medical assistant were $29,760 annually in 2009, or $13.87 per hour.

Information gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A Medical Office Assistant has different duties than a Medical Assistant. While a Medical Assistant has a more hands-on job with the patients as well as office communication duties, a Medical Office Assistant takes care of things like patient scheduling and insurance billing.

It is possible to work as a Medical Office Assistant or Medical Assistant to make money and gain valuable experience with patient care while you are continuing your medical training, such as getting continuing education to be a Registered Nurse or a Physician Assistant. The job market for Medical Assistants, Medical Office Assistants, nurses, and other health practitioners is growing. The job market for these types of workers is expected to grow 20% or more by 2018; this increase is described as being much higher than the average projected growth.

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