What can I learn in photography courses?

December 12th, 2011 by admin

Whether you enroll in online photography programs or complete your education at a brick and mortar institution, you are likely to study similar topics during your first several months of photography courses.  Most photography colleges begin their programs with an in-depth study of the first cameras available for public use and go through the developments made in both equipment and technique over the years.  Once you have a solid historical perspective, you should move on to photography courses that teach more hands on methods that you can use in your own career.

Composition of a photograph is one of the first topics you can expect to study once you have gotten through the history of photography.  This term refers to framing the subjects of your picture to minimize background distractions and draw the viewer’s attention to the subject of the photo.  Composing a photo also includes choosing the right type of lens and setting the exposure for the best possible outcome.  While you are completing courses in composition, you will learn more about determining depth of field, shutter speed, aperture settings and more.  You will have the opportunity to take several different types of photos, such as formal family photos, event photography and scenes from nature.

With digital photography having replaced cameras using film, you can expect to spend a lot of time learning how to manipulate digital images.  You will work with Photo Shop to learn how to correct flaws in coloring, crop out unnecessary background items and manipulate images to merge several different photographs into one.

Finally, expect to spend a good portion of your time in photography programs learning about the business aspect of this career.  You will learn marketing techniques, how to invoice customers, where to find studio space and similar information.  This is necessary because the majority of photographers end up working for themselves.

Careers Available with a Photography Degree

You have a wide range of career options available to you after you have graduated from photography colleges.  You can open your own studio and primarily take pictures of people.  You may work for a restaurant and photograph food for their menus.  A newspaper may require your photojournalism or sports photography skills.  You may end up combining your skills in photography and graphic design to start your own company.  Whatever you decide, make sure that you choose education that will adequately prepare you for it.

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Can I get an online photography degree?

December 12th, 2011 by admin

If you are looking to earn a degree in photography but need to study online, you may be wondering what types of options are available to you. While photography can be a hands-on field, there are a number of colleges, universities and online photography schools that have developed stellar online photography degree programs to help students learn the tricks of the trade.

If you are interested in earning an online photography degree, you will most likely end up earning a two-year associate degree in photography. While there are bachelors degree programs for photography, many times colleges and universities require students to attend campus-based classes to earn credits toward a four-year degree. In some cases, students may be able to take a few courses online, but generally, bachelor’s students will meet in a traditional classroom setting.

Depending on your educational institution and degree program, students may be able to obtain a photography degree via an online degree program or through their university or college’s distance learning office. Some distance learning programs and require students to appear in a classroom setting two or three times a semester to take tests or to submit a photography project. Other online photography courses can be completed solely online. Students will need to review the requirements of each degree program to determine if they will be required to attend occasional on-campus meetings.

In most cases, online photography courses require students to use a variety of multi-media such as books, video, audio or CD instruction, webinars and web-lectures. Like with most web-based courses, students will need to have regular access to a computer in order to log onto their school’s virtual learning environment where they can access course materials and submit assignments. Generally, students are required to submit an end-of-the-year digital photo project for a final grade.

In some cases, students may be required to meet with the instructor in person or via video conferencing to discuss various aspects of the class. The typical courses students will need to take in order to earn an online photography degree include general photography and camera operation classes, digital photography and photo editing as well as a general fundamentals of photography course.

If you are a student who is dependent on federal financial aid to help you pay for classes, you may need to enroll in a distance learning program and also take campus-based courses. Some colleges, universities and online photography schools require students receiving federal financial aid to take one campus-based course in addition to a distance learning or online course.


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What are my education options for a degree in photography?

December 12th, 2011 by admin

There are many options available to the professional photographer today, including photojournalism, owing a portrait studio and much more. After deciding on a career focus, your next step is to determine which photography programs and photography colleges to enroll in to give you the best head start in working as a professional photographer.

Obtaining an Online Photography Degree

It is possible to earn a degree in photography almost entirely over the Internet. When you are searching for a school to complete an online photography degree, you should already have a good idea of the type of degree you wish to pursue. You can easily locate an online photography school just by using an online search engine.

Most photography colleges offer similar coursework to students during their first and second years enrolled in photography programs. You can expect to complete an in-depth study on the career of photography, art history and techniques and basic graphic design using a variety of artistic mediums. During your second year of earning your degree in photography, you begin working with artificial light and more with digital images. You will also assemble a portfolio of your work both as a graduation requirement and to show to future employers.

Attending a Traditional Photography College

If you learn better by one on one instruction and personal interactions with other students, enrolling in a photography degree program at a traditional college may be a better option. As with online classes, you can locate photography colleges online, but you need to make your search specific to your geographic location. Before you submit your registration, ask to review the course requirements to insure they provide thorough training. Whether you complete online or in-person classes, having the opportunity to complete an internship greatly increases your chances for employment once you graduate.

Degree Options

An Associate Degree in photography provides you with specific technical training such as how to use your photography equipment. A Bachelor’s Degree expands on this knowledge by introducing the topics of business management, marketing, additional art courses and more time spent on developing your portfolio. Since the majority of photographers are self-employed, having a strong business sense is just as important as having technical skill.

Certificate programs of less than two years are available from some community and technical colleges. They may be appropriate for people who want to make sure they have chosen the right career field before investing money in advanced education.

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