Other Careers Physical Therapy Students May Find Interesting

August 9th, 2012 by admin

Physical therapists are responsible for helping patients to regain their independent functioning following an illness or injury. Working as a physical therapist offers a person the opportunity to help others while working within a medical environment. While physical therapy is a rewarding career, there are many reasons why someone may decide that it is time for a change. Some people may wish to advance in their career by pursuing a new field, while others may simply want a change of pace. Because of the unique skills learned in Physical Therapy College, they are eligible for a variety of different careers both in and out of the health care field.

Medical Writer
Physical therapists have a strong grasp of medical concepts and terminology. They also know about common injuries as well as the best treatments for first aid and long term recovery. For this reason, they make ideal medical writers who can find work in a variety of companies. In addition to writing, they can also conduct research regarding the prevention of injuries in the workplace.

Physical Education or Health Teacher
Physical therapy students have a background in both education and healthcare. As a physical education or health teacher, they can combine their love for helping others with an opportunity to share their knowledge in the classroom. This position can often be useful for someone who would like a fresh start in a new field while utilizing the skills they have learned as a physical therapist.

Medical Office Management
Doctor offices and clinics require staff with a strong understanding of medical concepts. For this reason, medical offices often recruit management staff from other related fields. A physical therapy student who has also obtained some office experience is ideal for this type of position. Working as a medical office manager also offers opportunities for advancement to higher levels of management.

Personal Trainer
Sometimes, a physical therapist student may still wish to participate in the hands-on aspects of their job. If this is the case, then working as a personal trainer can be an excellent option. Personal trainers work with groups and individuals to help them to develop a fitness plan that is based upon dietary and exercise guidelines. Some personal trainers are self-employed while others work for a gym or wellness center. This offers flexibility for anyone who might be considering this career.

Health Product Sales
Physical therapy students enjoy working with others and often have personal experience with using various health products. Therefore, their past experience can be put to use by selling health care products. This position is ideal for anyone who enjoys public speaking. Because health product sales staff frequently sells products out of town at conventions, this can be an additional perk for those who like to travel.

Selecting an alternative career path is very easy for physical therapy students as they enter the workforce equipped with a variety of transferrable skills. Ideally, physical therapy students will find careers that utilize their combined understanding of health care and their love for helping others in order to find a rewarding new career.

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