A Day In The Life Of An Ultrasound Technician

June 26th, 2012 by admin

Working in the healthcare industry has the potential to be an extremely fulfilling career. For those who do well in science and enjoy working with others, it can be truly rewarding to work in the medical field. Sometimes, one may think only of doctors and nurses when they think of health care. In reality, the healthcare field is filled with many different positions and many different people whose job is essential to the diagnosis and treatment of patients. One such career is an ultrasound technician.

What is an ultrasound technician?

An ultrasound technician is a critical part of the care team. An ultrasound technician uses ultrasound technology to gain an image that will allow doctors to diagnose and treat conditions appropriately. This is done by directing sound waves into a patient’s body through the use of special equipment.  Technicians attend Ultrasound Technician Schools for training and to start their career.

How does an ultrasound technician spend the day?

A typical day for an ultrasound technician may be spent in a physician’s office or in a hospital setting. In some cases, it may be spent in a mobile setting, traveling to various locations to provide on-site services to patients who may be unable to seek care in a traditional setting. An ultrasound technician will work directly with patients of all ages. One will need to be able to stand, bend and lift. A technician will likely be on their feet throughout the day. It will be necessary to lift patients, as well as turn and position them in order to achieve the desired images.

Are ultrasound technicians in demand?

The field of sonography is growing. In the past, invasive procedures such as surgery may have been needed to diagnose some illnesses. With ultrasound and sonography equipment, it is now possible to diagnose and monitor conditions in a non-invasive way. Technology has improved medical care in numerous ways, and technicians who can use that technology are in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the position of ultrasound technician, or diagnostic medical sonographer, is expected to grow much faster than average. A growth of 44% is currently predicted. The annual median pay for a diagnostic medical sonographer is approximately $65,000.

What education is required?

An ultrasound technician will be required to have an associate degree. A certificate program in medical sonography will focus on classes specific to the field. Some examples of classes that will be required are: ultrasound foundations, ultrasound physics and instrumentation, ethics and professional issues, scanning techniques and clinical foundations. Practicums are an important part of the training, as they allow students to put to work the skills that they’ve learned in the classroom.

An ultrasound technician is an integral part of the healthcare team. From monitoring the progress of an unborn baby to imaging a potential tumor in an elderly grandmother, they are there at pivotal moments. Their work allows doctors and patients to make the best decisions for healthcare, and it is done with minimal invasion. For those who wish to work in the medical field and enjoy working with people, becoming an ultrasound technician can be a rewarding decision.

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