Top 10 Most Unusual College Degrees

September 23rd, 2010 by admin

College is a time to learn more about yourself as a person and find a career that suits a life you’d like to live. After all, we go to school to find our passions in a career that we are willing to work in for several years. So, what does that mean for the following people who choose to graduate with one of these 10 unusual college degrees? Well, maybe it just means that they’re interested in obtaining an unusual career…

#10 – Adventure Recreation
Are you an adrenaline junkie? A self-proclaimed adventure enthusiast? Well, if you are then maybe you’d like to make a living by studying – hands-on – the outdoor adventures that you love for your college major. Green Mountain College in Vermont offers a major and a minor program in Adventure Recreation hoping to place graduates into a slew of outdoor recreation activities like skiing, scuba diving, rock climbing and whitewater rafting

#9 – Blacksmithing
What was once a valuable trade in the olden days is now an unusual college blacksmith-ss2498374major offered at various schools across the United States. Considered a branch of many colleges’ design schools, blacksmithing is crucial to many artistic achievements like jewelry making, gates, furniture, tools, knives and of course swords – although those may not be as practical as they once were since smart phones have now taken the place as an individual’s key weapon. Schools like the College of Art & Design and Southern Illinois University currently offers such a trade-driven degree.

#8 – Aromatherapy
How would you like to improve the health and well-being of patients by providing a therapy purely based off scent creations and various concoctions? No, this isn’t a program in witchcraft; it’s a degree in aromatherapy. Schools like Napier University and The University of Westminster carry such degree programs for those who are scentifically inclined…get it?

#7 – Comedic writing/Comedic Studies
Would you ever think that a prerequisite to a degree program would require you to have a great sense of humor? Probably not, but some schools like Southampton University offer an innovative and fun-filled unusual college degree in comedic studies and writing. You’ll examine comedy through the ages in both production, performance and in composition. The program might sound like a joke in and of itself, especially since your degree is the punchline.

#6 – Organic Agriculture
This intriguing unusual degree program is new, but with the huge rise in organic food sales in the last few years it could be on rise in popularity. Students interested in organic agriculture can find this degree program offered in schools like Washington State University.

#5 – Retail FUnusual Degrees - Retail Floristryloristry
Although you may have never imagined needing a degree in Retail Floristry to find a career in the flower industry, that doesn’t mean that schools like Mississippi State University don’t offer it. Learn the ins and outs of the floral business – wholesaling, floristry designing and the works.

#4 – Gerontology
Ever been curious about the changes in adults as they age and the ways that society affects this aging process? If you answered yes then you might be fit for a degree in the intriguing field of Gerontology – the sociological, physical and mental study of the aging. With the baby boomer population increasing in age, this major could get even more interesting.

#3 – Family and Consumer Sciences

In a nutshell this degree is like home economics. Here you will acquire the values, knowledge and skills necessary to strengthen the functionality of your family dynamics. Sounds kind of like family therapy with a twist doesn’t it? Offered at Liberty University, a Christian University in Lynchburg, VA, you would take part in classes like Family Economic Decisions and Balancing Work and Family. Helpful information – yes, unusual – yes, degree worthy – probably not.

#2 – Equine Studies and Master Ranching

These are actually two separate degrees from two separate colleges but they’re similar enough to bUnusual-Degrees---Equine-Studiese linked together. Why? Because horses play core roles in both of these majors. If you have a love for horses and/or ranching then either one of these programs might be worth considering. The Equine Studies degree at Becker College gives students an insight into riding horses or working on the business side of the equine industry. If you love ranching and prefer wearing your spurs to class rather than your p.j.’s, then a Master Ranching degree from Texas A&M might be your calling.

#1 – Astrobiology

Do you believe that we’re not alone in the universe? Yes, no – maybe? Well, whether you’re just curious as to the thought of universal life or a die-hard government conspirator believing that little green men are in fact out there (insert random E.T. joke here), then a degree in Astrobiology will give you the opportunity to search for life beyond earth.

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