A Vet Tech’s Duty to Animals

March 18th, 2011 by admin

Some jobs are just that–jobs. These jobs only require that a person show up, fill their hours with mundane work, and wait for a paycheck. This is nothing like the job of a veterinary technician.

Veterinary technicians are professionals that have spent years training at a vet tech school, in order to commit their lives to helping animals that are unable to help themselves. A job as a vet tech requires patience, compassion, and motivation. These individuals have a duty to the animals they serve.

Three Ways Every Veterinary Technician Fills Their Duty to Animals:

1. By showing compassion and understanding to each animal, as well as the family that loves them.
Even the best vet technician school cannot teach compassion. People that choose to be vet techs usually love animals and have a desire to help them to the best of their ability. This is a necessary personality trait considering the tasks that veterinary technicians are expected to perform.

vet-tech's-duty-to-animals ts_78035091In veterinary hospitals, the veterinary technician is the person who speaks with the patient’s owner and conducts the initial exam. The vet tech will talk to the pet owner about any problems, answer questions, and document the animal’s weight, temperature, appetite, and any unusual behaviors, before the veterinarian is brought in. Pet owners that are concerned or upset about their pet’s condition will usually voice their concern to the vet tech, who will relay the concern to the veterinarian.

Vet techs are also responsible for grooming patients, dressing wounds, restraining animals before procedures, and other tasks that require both patience and kindness.

2. Staying cool and working efficiently under pressure.
Vet techs also fulfill their duty to animals by caring for them in high pressure situations. Not everyone can keep a cool head in emergency situations. Veterinary technicians are responsible for performing first aid, assisting surgeries, administering IVs, giving anesthesia, and other tasks that require a steady hand and clear head. While these professionals are trained for emergency situations in vet technician school, no amount of training can guarantee that a person will really perform when the pressure is on.

3. By being adaptable, accurate, and hard working.
No day in the life of a veterinary technician is the same. One day a vet tech many take inventory, stock supplies, and carry out administrative duties. The next day may require the same person to collect samples, carry out lab testing, give x-rays, and administer medication to patients. This not only requires a good work ethic, but these tasks also require a person to be very accurate. When it comes to medication and testing, small mistakes can cause big problems.

People that do not easily adapt to change will not succeed in this field. Vet techs are self-motivated and dependable. These professionals don’t need to be constantly supervised to provide their best work. Vet techs fulfill their duty to animals by being compassionate, working well under pressure, and completing a variety of tasks that ultimately provides patients with the highest standard of care possible.

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Veterinary Technician — Career Considerations

March 18th, 2011 by admin

Veterinary Technician — Career Considerations 

The reality of being a veterinary technician should be carefully considered prior to deciding to enroll in a vet technician school. While there are many rewards, there are also many different kinds of stressors related to the work that must be dealt with. Preparing for this in advance can help you to make an informed and educated decision before enrolling to become a veterinary technician.

There are many times when the technician must interact with animals who are hurt, scared, and who may try to lash out. This can be very difficult for some people, but it is a reality of the field.

The potential disadvantages of working as a veterinary technician to consider:

• Stress — It is not always an easy thing to be seeing the different procedures that occur routinely in veterinary medicine. Many people are not used to it, and must develop the coping skills so that they can be an effective member of the veterinary team. This might take an extra effort, so it is extremely helpful to be realistic about your stress management skills before investing in training.

• Unpleasant Job Duties — When assisting in the performance of procedures, the animals must be handled in the prescribed manner, and this can be difficult for some people to be able to do on a regular basis. Doing research on what kinds of tasks you will need to do, how you will be trained, and how frequently you can expect to perform them can help relieve the uncertainties around this issue.

• Euthanasia — It can be a sad experience to have to euthanize an animal that you have been interacting with for years. This is another area where it is important to assess your coping skills.

• Public Interaction — People will have questions about the various procedures, including euthanasia. It is sometimes necessary to console them as well as answering all of their questions. If you are considering enrolling in a vet technician school, and are concerned about your ability to handle the public, be sure to ask them what their program does to train veterinary technicians to handle these situations.

Advantages of working as a veterinary technician:

It can be a very rewarding field to be in, because the nature of your work will be to interact with animals on a regular basis, and sometimes for the long term. If working with animals is what you love to do, the advantages of being able to help animals through the different stages of their life can be a serious consideration — just as important as a paycheck.

There may be very difficult days when you have to deal with different types of stress, but for people who really love helping animals it can be a great career decision. You get the rewards of helping animals through the different stages of their life. There is always a need for veterinary technicians, and the job security factor can be a considerable advantage. You may also enjoy steady work and good benefits.

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Cool Jobs You Can Get With A Vet Tech Degree

March 17th, 2011 by admin

When people think of Veterinary Technicians, they commonly associate this job with working in an animal clinic. Although the majority of vet techs work in a clinic or veterinary practice, there are many other places where a vet tech can be employed as well. Basically, wherever there are animals, there will be a need for people who can care for those animals and make sure they maintain good health.

One unique option is to work in a marine entertainment venue, such as Sea World. Working with large marine mammals is definitely one aspect of this job that differentiates it from ordinary clinical work! Because of the specialized nature of a job at a marine park, a student in vet tech school should be certain that this is the career path they want to take, and then work to build contacts within that field to help them get the job they are looking for. Professional associations such as the International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine can help you build a contact base to land that dream job.

Less specialized than Sea World but still within the realm of entertainment venues would be animal parks like zoos and Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. Vet techs in these parks work with a variety of different animals and gain a wide berth of experience. Not surprisingly, jobs at zoos are the most competitive. A variety of animals makes zoo jobs some of the most interesting, and many of these venues have a low turnover because of high job satisfaction. To prepare for a job in this arena, consider taking classes about large animal medicine, and also volunteering at a local zoo to gain real-world experience.

jobs-you-can-get-with-a-vet-tech-degree ts_200248287-001<br />
For those who enjoy working with large animals but also want to travel, circuses such as the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus might be an option to pursue. As with zoo employment, jobs with the circus are extremely competitive. Gaining experience with large animals is a must, as well as a love for learning and being willing to try new things.

As you can see the job options for a veterinary technician are definitely not limited to a medical clinic. Wherever there are animals, people will be needed to care for those animals. Decide in what capacity you want to use your talents, and then take the classes best suited to that arena while you are in vet technician school.

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