7 Common Programming Languages For Web Designers

January 27th, 2012 by Clifford

ts-78463455When you are a web designer, it means that you need to be able to use multiple programming languages. There are a wide variety of programming languages and the more languages that you know the better it will be for you in the long run. You have the freedom to choose just how many different types of languages you want to be able to implement into your career choice. Below you will find some of the common types of programming languages that are available to you.


This is the latest version of the Ada programming language, which is focused on object-oriented programming. Typically, this type of programming language is used in government and industry sectors. Ada95 has been compared to C++ and Java, which are all suitable for Internet programming.


AppleScript is the programming used to develop the environment for the Mac computers. It has been bundled together with the Mac operating system, so you can use a variety of different scripting tasks on your Mac. It has recently been applied to various web programming.


This is an English scripting language that is used for Apple’s HyperCard. It has been described as being similar to AppleScript, but it is far simpler and forgiving. There are a large number of HyperTalk programmers in the Mac world, but it is widely preferred over AppleScript and UserTalk for those who are writing web scripts on the Mac.


The University of Arizona developed this programming language with a C –ish type syntax and SNOBOL heritage, which makes it suitable for string processing. This program is similar to other languages being used for Internet programming.


Java is by far the leading programming language of all Internet applications. It offers a variety of advantages over other languages, such as: familiarity, platform independence, performance and safety. Sun Microsystems created Java as a way to loosen the grip that Microsoft and Intel have on the computer platform.


This is Netscape’s leading programming language for the implementation of HTML, Java applets and Netscape plug-ins. It is based on Java, so it is mostly compatible with syntax. It differs from Java because it is interpreted, instead of compiled, and it only supports certain built-in objects and user-defined functions.


This is often described as being a compiled scripting language. Perl will combine the elements of C along with some UNIX scripting and text languages into a complete language, which allows the functioning of everything as a whole. When compared to Java, Perl is easier to use than what Java is. It was developed as an alternative to C for various tasks that have been too difficult to use UNIX on, or where performance has become an issue.

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Top 4 Careers For A Web Designer

January 20th, 2012 by Clifford

ts-71086155After selecting from all of the web design colleges out there, you might start looking into the field of web design careers, but you may be unsure what career options you are going to actually have. We have found the quite a few possibilities for you to choose from. You really do have a lot of options that are available for you to choose from, but it is a matter of choice which career path you choose. You can choose from some of the fines careers in the industry, such as the ones listed below.


Animation and multimedia art are used interchangeably quite often. Video-type presentations development is often closer to animation than you may think. As an animator, you may be called in to develop characters or produce product drawings. Then your job will be to implement those ideas into motion by using computer animation software. One of the top features of a quality web site is their use of video presentations, as long as they flow with the design of the site.

Graphic Designer

If you have been drawing since you were a little child, this is the route many people will take for their career choice after graphic design college. Your services in the web design field are essential to client relations. As a web designer, you will be preparing storyboards for presentations, which is a critical component to the planning phase. There are times when you may be called in to put those storyboards in a web page into a slide show format.

Web Design and Development

In order to embark on this career path, you are going to need a bachelor’s degree. You are going to need the necessary skills to be able to assemble a web page that combines images, copy and multimedia in an appealing and attractive manner. In order to do this, you are going to need to become acquainted with multiple computer applications, as well as languages. You should know how to implement Java, Flash and other programs to be able to manipulate the media pages the way you want them. Once you have a degree in web design and development, you will be able to address the true costs that are going to be associated with the business.

Information Systems Development

Once you have this type of degree, you will have the specific expertise that is needed in different areas of internet use. A lot of businesses today are using the customer relations management software to record every interaction that a customer has, as well as their preferences. It is critical to understand how this information is handled. Management will often include its distribution all across the company intranet, as well as through the web portal. This job is extremely important and it requires network design, web access control and software management.

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