What should I look for when visiting a truck driving school?

February 15th, 2011 by admin

Every state has different requirements a person must pass when seeking a CDL training. A school should demonstrate them and how it will help you meet them. For example, in California you must pass a vision test; in Texas you must surrender any current driver’s license you have. The qualifications in each state must be at least as stringent as federal standards. visiting-a-truck-driving-school ss_21275290

Questions to ask the truck driving school

  • Does the trucking school you are visiting have sample CDL tests?
  • What kind of classroom and behind the wheel training is offered?
  • Will you receive adequate instruction to learn to operate a tractor trailer safely?
  • Does the school teach adequately about the laws you will obey as a truck driver?
  • Will you receive adequate instruction in map reading and trip planning?
  • What does the school teach about hazardous materials? How much time will you receive behind the wheel?
  • Will the trucking school you are considering examine you to see if your vision is adequate, monitor your blood pressure, determine if your blood sugar level is acceptable, teach the importance of not abusing drugs, and tell you about other health requirements?
  • Does the truck driving school teach about the various other medical requirements, such as one for random drug testing for truck drivers, and other conditions which could keep you from the job, like sleep apnea, a back injury, or major surgery?
  • Will you have the chance to ask other truck drivers about their careers?
  • Can you examine state CDL manuals at the school?

Other truck driving schools Frequently Asked Questions

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