A Day In the Life of Vet Tech

March 21st, 2011 by admin

A Day In the Life of Vet Tech

This video followed veterinary technician student Rachel Hinson on a day at her job at Banfield Clinic. In the video, Ms. Hinson explained that she was a senior student in vet tech school at Harrison College, but that she already was working full time at Banfield. What started out as an externship for her quickly turned into full time employment. After working at Banfield for a month, Rachel was moved up to a job as a “pet nurse”. Her pay was doubled, and she received numerous benefits including vacation time. Rachel credits the excellent teaching that she got at Harrison College as the reason why she was hired so quickly. “If you apply what you learned at school, they’re going to want to keep you as a tech,” Ms. Hinson says. The video also interviewed Jessica McBride, the Regional Hospital Director at Banfield. Ms. McBride said that although Banfield employs Vet Techs from many different schools, the ones that have come from Harrison have always been high-quality, superior to the students from other schools.

Rachel Hinson really appreciated the teachers, professors and doctors that trained her at the school. She said the teachers get to know you, and they will push you to do better rather than just letting you coast through. Because of her high-quality training at Harrsion’s vet technician school, Ms. Hinson was able to hit the ground running with what she had learned.

Ms. Hinson says that it is really rewarding for her to be able to help animals. She said that there are opportunities in this career to work with large and small animals, and like human health care this is a growing field. Ms. McBride confirmed this, stating that for many families pets are treated like kids, and as long as people want to have pets there will be a need for high-quality veterinary technicians.

Ms. Hinson showed the cameras some of the different areas of the clinic. She showed the kennel where the dogs are kept, and also the whiteboard where all current patients are listed. She said that the pets requiring surgery receive top priority, and showed the cameras the surgery suite. Banfield Clinic is only a year old so all the equipment in the suite and throughout is state of the art. Ms. Hinson commented that much of the equipment was the same as what she used in vet tech school, but that she received hands-on training for any equipment she was not familiar with.

Ms. Hinson’s heart for animals and her love for her job were apparent throughout the video. She echoed Ms. McBride by saying that pets are often treated like kids in a family, and although they don’t cry or whine like human patients, she can tell when they are in pain. She said, “These pets are children to most people, they’re part of their family, and I help them get better.”

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