A snapshot of a Vet Tech’s Job

March 22nd, 2011 by admin

A snapshot of a Vet Tech’s Job

This video interviewed two women, Maggie who was a grad of a vet technician school, and Ashley, a student at vet tech school. Both were excited about their work as a veterinary technician. In the interview, Maggie made a comment that many people say they want to become a veterinary technician because they love animals. While a love for animals is important, to do the job well Maggie stressed that you have to love people as well. In her daily work Maggie comes in contact with all different types of personalities, and she has had to learn how to interact with various types of people, as they are the ones who will be bringing their animals in and explaining what is wrong. Ashley rattled off several areas of study that she had completed in her training as a veterinary technician. Among the subjects she studied were animal care management, animal biology, clinical pathology, surgical nursing, veterinary office procedures, and animal diseases. Maggie added that the two-year program is a lot of work but that it is definitely worth it, and that you meet a lot of great people in the process. Ashley said that it is a very, very popular program.

While the interviews were playing the video showed several images of veterinary technicians in their jobs and in school. The video shows veterinary technicians in surgery, performing checkups on the animals, and holding the animals down to collect blood samples or administer intravenous medicine. The vet techs are also shown in the labs using microscopes, taking blood samples, examining eyes and using a stethoscope. In a classroom setting vet techs are seen working on an assignment and interacting in class.

Veterinary tech school usually lasts about two to three years. During that time the students learn in a classroom setting but perform many hours practicing what they have learned in a clinic setting, either as an employee or as a volunteer at the clinic. Upon completing their coursework, vet techs will take a certification exam. The requirements for vet techs will vary from state to state, as do what is covered on the certification.

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